6 Key Things to Consider When Hiring an iOS Developer

With most of the business owners (though not all) opting for building an app to promote their brand, it becomes imperative to build a one-of-a-kind application that help you stay abreast of the curve. Especially, if you are thinking about building an app for the Apple’s iOS device you might need to seek out help of a professional. But choosing the most suitable development partner may leave you befuddled. Below are a few tips to consider that will definitely help you find well-suited service provider.

Approach a Reputable Job Portal


The skilled developers will create an app for your business organization’s website. The first step that you must follow when looking to find competent developers is to post your project requirement on renowned sites like Elance, Guru and any other job portals. And within no time you will find dozens of applicants signing up for the job.

Finalize Only the Credible Ones


When searching for expert iOS Programmers for Hire, you will usually come up with a long list of programmers, all claiming to offer quality services. But you need to find the credible developer that requires looking for one who prefer to present proof of their capabilities. Put simply, a good developer will never hide the projects they have completed so far and the results they have achieved.

Don’t Depend on the Cost Factor


It’s good to search for development companies offering low cost development. But make sure not to make a fuss over the price, when it comes to quality. A good developer will definitely put the best foot forward in providing you with great results, and thus, you shouldn’t be rigid over the price issue. Let the programmer quote the price but you can negotiate it, if the price is exceeding your budget limit. Make sure to get the price written, so as to avoid any last minute hassle.

Have a Discussion With Your Programmer


Make sure to have a word with your coder about the application you want to build, especially if you have hired an offshore coder. A virtual discussion will not only help you establish a healthy relation with the coder, but will also help your service partner understand your expectations from the app development project.

Get An Apple ID



In order to sell the app the developer needs to be registered with Apple. Therefore, ensure that the company you have hired for Custom iOS App Development submits the application on your behalf to the App store for approval.

Sign an Agreement


Make sure to sign a legal agreement with your service partner, as it will help you get assured that your project will be completed within the stipulated time period. But make certain to add all the essential details in your pact, right from the date of project completion, to due date and what possible actions can be taken in case the conditions defined in your pact are not met.

Abiding by the above discussed steps, you can begin development of an application for iOS device users. You just need to look for an experienced and reliable source for finding your iOS developers. This will prove to be a time saving process, giving you enough time to focus on other important business aspects.

What Marketing Strategies Should Be Followed By an iPhone App Development Company

Nowadays, the demand for iPhone apps has picked up a pace in the world of mobile applications. Due to this, iPhone app developers are facing intense competition and thus putting constant efforts in search for new business avenues to garner the attention of iPhone application users. In the midst of such scenario, it’s important for developers to develop a solid marketing strategy to promote their apps so that it doesn’t lose its way in the crowd of millions of apps being launched every day. One can use advertisement tools such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Beta advertisements, along with other advertisement mediums such as Admob and Quattro. In this way, they can make their customers aware of their latest developments and will serve them better.

So, here are some ways that every app development company can follow to create a strong hold in the world of app development:

Identify the Target Audience


Identifying the target audience is one of the most essential steps for every marketer as it helps him to identify his own potential to serve a particular market segment under a set of resource constraints. So, when launching a new app it is important for a development firm to get an idea of its users, their needs, and their purposes. They should always create those apps which are not only easy to use but they should be related to customers set of preferences in some way or the other. For example, if a firm plans to develop an app for students, then they should first look for what students can actually demand in an app. First of all, the app should be free and should have a proper curriculum related to their studies, tutorials, and additional notes, which can be used effectively to fulfill their study needs.

Similarly, you can also segment your market on the basis of demographics such as age, gender, psychologies, and the lifestyle of people. Plus, under which category the app falls- Paid or free. What operating system it has used to develop, and what type of advertisement campaigns your team can follow to promote their app in a best possible manner. By understanding all these things, you’ll be able to attract your customers and generate leads.

Set your Ongoing Goals and Targets

Once you’ve identified your audience, now it’s time to set those goals you want to achieve by marketing your apps among your targeted group of customers. The goals should be flexible enough to be altered as per the demand, tastes and preferences of your customers. Plus, they should be measurable, scalable, and realistic enough to give a good browsing experience to your users.


Here are some tips developers can follow to achieve best marketing results: 

  •   Establish a Strong Media Presence: Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, where users are active can be used to as an important tool for creating a strong relationship between you and your customers. These media channels also allow developers to encourage their users to visit them and find out about new apps and services being launched. It also helps them to keep their customers engaged online. 
  • Drive Users Interest and Engagement with Your App: According to the reports, up to 22% of the downloaded apps is used once and end up making customer uninstalling the app. Hence, it’s really important for iPhone development company or an Android, to seek new ways to keep their users engaged with their creations on an ongoing basis. Companies can do so by updating software regularly, by adding new features, facilities to their apps, in short, by being as innovative as they can.

  • Increasing App Storing Rates: By Optimizing your app with good quality descriptions, reviews and keywords will help you in improving the traffic and the accessibility of your app. It makes sure that users find your app every time they search for your services.

Selection of Promotional Channels

Selection of promotional channels will help you to identify which online channel will suit best to achieve the goals of your mobile application. An effective app marketing research helps in finding out the potentials of each channel being used and understanding what profits can be derived through every single medium.

For example, using Facebook and Twitter as a medium for downloading your apps is one way of using social media platform. Increasing app downloads via SEO tools can be highly effective, as most of the people use an app downloading process through organic search.

In order to encourage more downloads, development companies can use communication mediums such as emails, to keep their users aware of your app with its latest content, features, and functions. This can be done in the form of a formal email or by simply creating one liners for your app.

Besides this, conducting a thoughtful research on different marketing tactics will help develops to reach their target of maximum profit efficiently. In order to succeed, a company should consistently look for innovative ways to promote their applications by experimenting with various tactics to identify what works and what not. It’s all about identifying and using a correct combination of different marketing mix that help developers in reaching their users and thus making an app successful.



5 Amazing Android Applications custom-made for Mac Users


With amazing Android Applications Development, there’s no need for you to feel left out just because you don’t own an iPhone. It’s pretty much “OK” to own a Mac. With a wide collection of Android apps available in the mobile market, you need not sacrifice your ways of loving the open source mobile operating system features. Today, in this post, I bring to you 5 amazing apps for Mac users residing in different corners of the world. So, let’s take a drive through these stunning Android apps.

Android App#1- Google Chrome to Phone


Google Chrome to Phone is a free Android app that enables you to push links, maps, phone numbers and everything else that you may need for your Android smartphone. To get this app working on your Android smartphone, you’ll need to install a Chrome browser extension on your Mac.

Android App#2-Google Gesture Search


With Google Gesture Search installed in your Android device, you can easily access contacts, settings, applications, music and bookmarks on your Android device. Google Gesture Search lets you search multilingual contents by drawing native characters for more than 40 different languages. This Android app refines the search results each time you add a new gesture. It learns from your search history to auto-populate items that you’ve already searched for in the past.

Android App#3-SyncMate


SyncMate is a perk by one of the reputable Android Application Development that syncs up your Mac and Android via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. With this app, it becomes easy to keep a good track of all your contacts, folders, calendars, Safari bookmarks and text messages. You can also use this app for synchronizing iTunes and iPhotom and further use it for mounting your Android as a new volume on your Mac.

Android App#4-RemoteDroid


RemoteDroid is an Android app that turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse. This app works via your WiFi network and acts like a touchpad for your computer. You can even use the in-built pop-up keyboard that can be used for typing in shortcuts.

Android App#5-DoubleTwist AirSync


AirSync is a wonderful Android app that works in conjunction with the doubleTwist desktop application to sync your music, photos and videos over a WiFi network. AirSync Android app has been recommended by New York Times, BBC and the Wall Street Journal.


Now you’ve them all, the 5 best Android apps custom-made for Mac users that can be also bagged, you will opt to Hire Android Developer. Hope you’d have enjoyed the collection and made your selection. With the right Android app, you can make the most of your device.

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