5 Amazing Android Applications custom-made for Mac Users


With amazing Android Applications Development, there’s no need for you to feel left out just because you don’t own an iPhone. It’s pretty much “OK” to own a Mac. With a wide collection of Android apps available in the mobile market, you need not sacrifice your ways of loving the open source mobile operating system features. Today, in this post, I bring to you 5 amazing apps for Mac users residing in different corners of the world. So, let’s take a drive through these stunning Android apps.

Android App#1- Google Chrome to Phone


Google Chrome to Phone is a free Android app that enables you to push links, maps, phone numbers and everything else that you may need for your Android smartphone. To get this app working on your Android smartphone, you’ll need to install a Chrome browser extension on your Mac.

Android App#2-Google Gesture Search


With Google Gesture Search installed in your Android device, you can easily access contacts, settings, applications, music and bookmarks on your Android device. Google Gesture Search lets you search multilingual contents by drawing native characters for more than 40 different languages. This Android app refines the search results each time you add a new gesture. It learns from your search history to auto-populate items that you’ve already searched for in the past.

Android App#3-SyncMate


SyncMate is a perk by one of the reputable Android Application Development that syncs up your Mac and Android via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. With this app, it becomes easy to keep a good track of all your contacts, folders, calendars, Safari bookmarks and text messages. You can also use this app for synchronizing iTunes and iPhotom and further use it for mounting your Android as a new volume on your Mac.

Android App#4-RemoteDroid


RemoteDroid is an Android app that turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse. This app works via your WiFi network and acts like a touchpad for your computer. You can even use the in-built pop-up keyboard that can be used for typing in shortcuts.

Android App#5-DoubleTwist AirSync


AirSync is a wonderful Android app that works in conjunction with the doubleTwist desktop application to sync your music, photos and videos over a WiFi network. AirSync Android app has been recommended by New York Times, BBC and the Wall Street Journal.


Now you’ve them all, the 5 best Android apps custom-made for Mac users that can be also bagged, you will opt to Hire Android Developer. Hope you’d have enjoyed the collection and made your selection. With the right Android app, you can make the most of your device.

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