6 Best Android applications that facilitate web designing

cobaaufwdThere are truckloads of applications in the repository of Android applications (including the Google Play Store or any other store). These stores offer apps to cater diversified domains like business, entertainment, education, and a lot more.

For the folks who are looking for an effective Android application development services that can make web designing a heck lot easier, they can also get appropriate apps to accomplish their task with greater convenience and enhanced creativity.

Let’s have a look at some of its the best applications for web designers.

1. Magic Color Picker: Now, making color selections won’t be a tedious job anymore. This app features seven different color models including, RGB, YUV, HSL and HSV that allow web designers to pick a requisite color by sliding through the plethora of options. The resourceful color selection tool even allows user to blend colors to create a unique and desired color shade; one can use either sliders or palettes to adjust accordingly and mix the colors.

2. CSS Reference: While working with CSS code, one often needs to certain assistance or reference. With this Android application, you can seek guidance anytime and anywhere. It offers brilliant knowledge that facilitates web designers to accomplish their job. This app epitomizes the chunks of CSS codes, thus you can directly pick the requite code and complete your project. Hence, this app serves as a smart and handy alternative to the programming books.

3. WiFi Keyboard: If you wish to attach an external keyboard with your Android device like the Nexus 5, you can easily connect a real keyboard by using this application. It facilitates hassle-free, reliable connection and allows users to type in their mobile device via a keyboard connected to a PC.

4. WebRank SEO: Looking for a convenient way to access the marvelous web service – WebRankStats service, WebRank SEO is a native Android app that is perfect for you. It facilitates access over the extensive optimization data, with Alexa rank, Google page rank, etc., that can help you in a lot of ways. This app features a complete set of SEO tools, it thus, allows users to analyze the site SEO on the go; moreover, the integrated Sociometer enables users to keep tabs on your social media activity.

5. WordPress for Android: Get control over your WP blog via your Android device by using this handy application. It allows one to manage the web content, and its layout on the go. This mobile apps development services facilitates users to write content, edit it, publish images, check stats, and much more.

6. WebMaster’s HTML Editor: Carry the HTML editor in your pocket with this effective application. This source code editor is ideal for web designers and developers, as it facilitates a set of webmaster tools like HTML editor, CSS editor, PHP editor, JavaScript editor and text editor. Moreover, it also offers syntax highlighting, code completion, preview via virtual keys and keyphrases. For added versatility, it supports multiple file formats including, js, xml, html5, css, php5, txt, etc.



The above mentioned are a few applications that are designed to help web designers to pave their path towards success with ease. Use the appropriate application to conveniently design a unique and innovative web page and stand apart from your competitors.

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