Exploring The Future Of Mobile Payments And Watches

It has to be said that Apple has dramatically improved its products and is consistently making efforts to deliver the best and latest features to the world. The Apple iPhone is the forerunner of the touchscreen industry. The way it is improved with its each iteration, it has tremendously gained popularity across the globe. Today, the iOS powered devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and so forth have a formidable fan following.

Keeping the advanced features of iOS devices and its gigantic user base in mind, businesses look for iPhone app developer for hire to develop a suitable application to augment their business. This is has certainly elevated the demand for iPhone professionals. Thankfully, today, there are truckloads of adept iPhone developers are available out there who offer prolific development services. One can easily seek a suitable service provider without making painstaking efforts.


Let’s learn how the high devices and technologies offered by its latest products will impact our lives.

The Apple Watch and Apple Pay are really the game changers. These devices have significantly improved the way one can solve the problems.

Apple Watch

The release of the Apple Watch has impacted the complete industry. It possesses several astonishing features that make it an incredible device. A few of them are deciphered below.

  • Feature-rich watch – The Apple Watch will not only display the time like any other watch, but it is an intelligent time display device that is context sensitive. For instance, it can track the location via the built-in GPS and accordingly display the time, even if you are traveling from a time zone to another. And since, it easily gets synchronized with your calendar, it shares the suitable alerts seamlessly and helps you stay updated for the upcoming events.

  • Multiple watch faces for personalization – Unlike the traditional watches that come with a particular band and face, Apple Watch is an integrated software and hardware device that comes with a huge variety of faces that can be personalized in a desired fashion. You can make it appear either like a mechanical watch, stop watch, digital watch or any other kind that best suits your taste. It, thus, can be said that it offers infinite options for personalization.

  • An innovative Digital Crown is a digital input device – The traditional crown is leveraged in Apple Watch. It has been integrated with the hardware and seamlessly synchronized with the OS powering the watch. The crown, thus, acts as an input device. It makes scrolling and zooming easy with the rotation of the Crown only. The digital crown helps deliver a fabulous Apple Watch experience.

  • Offers a Wallet in the Watch – It is a powerful device that features the Apple Pay to support a secure payment method. There are several retailers who have already adopted this technology. However, the number of its users is expected to further increase in the coming future.

Apple Pay

Apple is expanding its reach to several markets, Health Kit is a great example how it has taken health and fitness to another level. In a similar way, it has entered into the payment market with the Apple Pay. It has amazingly revolutionized the mobile payments.

The payment market is dominated by card payments, but the PayPal, Square, Google and more such players are trying best to attain the trust by offering a secure, reliable and effortless payment system with a card-less payment methods. Apple believes that with the Apple Pay, it has tried to solve the common mobile payment issues to a great extent. However, the success of this feature greatly depends on its adaptability by Apple customers as well as retailers.

A message to developers

Apple Watch has a great potential to support various applications and augment Internet of Things. At the time of its release only, we have seen examples how one can use his Apple Watch to unlock a door, set the temperature of a thermostat, seek transit direction, and a lot more. With the Watchkit, it has offered a great set of opportunities for developers to develop Apple Watch specific applications. Developers are reaping the benefits of this advanced device and its powerful features.

The Apple is an innovative brand that keeps rolling top notch products and features in the market to entice users and further expand its consumer base. It can be observed that every new release of the Apple products in the market receives great warmth and attention from the users across the globe.

Want to Build a Mobile App? Do Keep These Things in Mind

According to the latest statistics on mobile usage by Smart Insights, 89 percent of of the mobile media time is spent on mobile applications compared to mobile websites.


The above statistics clearly indicate that building a mobile app for your users can help extend your reach to a large audience base. If you’re planning to build an app for mobile users, then you will most likely become confused and perplexed about choosing the mobile platform on which your app will run.

When it comes to choosing an app platform, iOS and Android are two of the most dominating platforms that are extensively used by webmasters across the globe for developing mobile applications.

However, in this article, I will be sharing with you some important considerations concerning the Android app development. But, going further, let us understand the reasons as to why developers and individuals often prefer Android platform over Apple’s iOS platform.

Why You Should Choose Android As Your App Development Platform?

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Android can be attributed to the customization flexibility it provides. Most importantly, unlike Apple strict guidelines on publishing a mobile app, Android app store is less restrictive in terms of publishing an application. Moreover, you don’t have to wait long for getting your Android app published on the Google Play Store – that might not be the case with Apple’s iTunes app store.

What’s more? In order to create an Android app, you only need to become familiar with the Java programming language, which is known to most of the developers. However, to create an iOS-enabled application, you need to gain knowledge about advanced languages such as Objective C or Swift.

In order to develop an iOS app, developers are required to make use of a MAC system. In contrary, you can develop Android apps on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

Things to Consider When Developing an Android App

With millions of Android apps available in the Google Play Store, it is quite challenging to make your own app noticed among your target audience. And so, it is imperative that your app contains unique and/or advanced features to drive users’ attention.

If you have a limited budget, but want to build a brilliant Android app with exemplary features, then search for a reputed Android app development company India. There are several recognized companies in India that provide app development outsourcing services, giving individuals and business organizations the opportunity to develop a great app within their budget.

However, to avoid becoming a victim of a fraudulent app development company, keep the below considerations in mind:

  • Make sure that your choice of service provider contains a professional website. In addition, check out each section of the site closely to ensure the authenticity of the company and to ascertain that it is not making any fraudulent claims. For instance, read testimonials or reviews posted on the site. Plus, check out their work samples and so on.

  • Conduct a test for your team of developers to observe if their skill set can help meet your project needs or not.

  • Try approaching previous clients of the company and ask them about their experience. This will help in identifying whether you can trust the company or not.

  • Lastly, browse the web to find more about the company, including any remarks or reviews posted by users.


Hope that this article will help you turn your app development venture into a successful one, enabling you to come with a winning Android application.