Exploring The Performance Of The Android Lollipop

Google Android is a powerful mobile operating system that is giving a cut-throat competition to the Apple iOS, which was also popular as the forerunner of the touchscreen mobile industry. Google has dramatically improved the platform with advanced technologies and top-notch features. The skyrocketing growth in the performance of this open source platform has helped it garner immense popularity across the globe.

This amazing platform has incessantly improved with its successive iterations. Today, there are innumerable Android powered devices. In fact, stats depict that Android has over 70% of the total mobile market shares. You can image what kind of exposure an Android application can offer you. Thus, it is advisable to seek a reliable and adroit Android app development company, and hire their suitable development service to ensure a prolific application. There are several development companies out there that support app development outsourcing. Run a thorough research and invest in a result-driven service.


The Android Lollipop version is not released recently, but it can successfully over a year now. The latest Nexus devices support the Android 5.1.1 version, which addressed many pitfalls that annoyed the users when they tried the initial version 5.0 in the year 2014. While the interface of the platform is pretty same as it was when Lollipop was initially released. However, small amendments were made in the platform to deliver enhanced performance and augment the user experience.

Let’s have a look at the performance of the Android 5.1 Lollipop.

  • Native HD voice calling and Dual SIM compatibility

If your network career supports High Definition voice calling, and runs Android 5.1, the HD voice calling will be native to your device. Thus, upgrading to the latest Android version will make the calls clearer and more enjoyable. Currently, there are not much device with those carriers that support this fabulous feature. However, it is anticipated that the number of HD voice calling compatible devices will elevate in the future.

  • Better Notifications

In Android 5.1, you can see heads up notification. While using an application if any notification appears on the screen, you an dismiss it from the screen
by swiping it up simply. However, this won’t remove it from the status bar and notifications shade. This may not be a huge enhancement, but it can be a gift for gamers.

  • Pin the screen

The “Screen Pinning” is yet another fantastic feature that Android 5.1 offers. With this great feature, one can ensure that only single application is running on the screen at a time. Thereby, preventing the accidental switch to another application, or accidentally sending the active application in the background. One can use this feature to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted access to an application.

Moreover, this feature also offers the benefits of parental control. For instance, you can hand over your device with Screen Pinning toggle “ON” to kids while ensuring that they can’t access other data on your device.

To enable this feature, you just need to navigate to the Settings app, access the Security tab, tap on Screen Pinning (which is present under the heading – “Advanced”). Simply toggle on the screen pinning option.

  • Enhanced Security

The “Device Protection” feature has been incorporated in the Android 5.1. When this feature is enabled make your device totally useless for an unauthorized user. Since, it demands genuine Google login certification to unlock the even if you have done a factory reset (it is a software restore that brings the device to its original state by deleting all the stored info), it doesn’t allow a thief or an unauthorized access to the device.


The update 5.1 has been only observed in the Nexus devices. Its performance is yet to be observed on other devices, including HTC, Sony, Samsung and so forth. However, its preview on Nexus proves that it is only going to deliver an outstanding experience on other devices as well. Rest, let’s see what the future holds in its hand.

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