A Comprehensive Guide To Hire Best Mobile App Development Company in India

Undoubtedly, every day more and more users are switching to mobile devices and spending 90% of their time on mobile applications. 

According to the survey, the global mobile app revenues went over $365 billion in 2018 and expected to generate over $935 billion in 2023. 

With these statistics, it is clear that to stand out in the market; you need to invest in mobile app development solutions and add a perfect competitive edge to your business. So if you are the one who is still operating offline, then it’s time to consider building a custom application that perfectly fits your business needs. 

However, instead of jumping into the panic mode and start hunting for the developers for the full-time, it is essential to take a moment to understand your needs first. 

Of course, outsourcing mobile app development in India can be a great decision, but still, you need to choose between different hiring models. Apart, there are several things that you need to look for while hiring the mobile app development company.

But, before getting started with the list, many of you are wondering why India is the most common place to hire best app developers? 

Why Hiring Mobile App Developers in India is a Worthy Decision?

When it comes to hiring the mobile app developer, it’s cost and expertise are the two biggest concerns of the clients. And, according to the survey report, India is the cheapest place to hire app developers starting from $25+ per hour depending upon the experience, skills and knowledge. On the other hand, it will cost you approx $100 to $150 per hour in the USA and UK. Thus, according to Evans Data Corporation, it is predicted that India will overtake the US by several developers by 2023.

How To Hire a Mobile App Developer: A Complete Guide To Follow

Factors to Consider While Hiring the Mobile App Development Company in India

  1. Determine Your Project Development Needs: Full-Time Developer/                                                         Hourly Basis/ Part-Time

To match the modern needs of businesses ranging from startups to enterprises, most of the app development companies bring you three engaging models. You can hire app developers on hourly, monthly and full-time basis, depending upon the complexity of the project and business requirement.

So, before signing a contract with an app development company, it is worth discussing your project development needs with the business analyst who will guide you the estimated time and cost it will take to complete the project. And accordingly, you can choose the engaging model. 

For example, if you need to upgrade your app with the latest features or want to migrate it from one platform to another, then it is worth hiring a mobile app development team on an hourly basis. 

  1. Never Compromise App Development Quality Over Cost

Cost is indeed the most significant deciding factor while hiring the app developers for your project. But choosing the experts only based on pricing and ignoring the level of skills and knowledge can end you up with the low-quality app development solution.

There is no doubt in this fact that cheaper rates become costlier when years of work experience has been added to the developer’s profile. But it doesn’t mean that hiring the costlier one is the right decision. The fact of the matter is, you need to evaluate the profile of the app developer. If they meet every criterion, then you should undoubtedly select it without thinking of development cost. 

  1. Opt For a Full-Cycle App Development Company

Another crucial factor to consider while hiring the mobile app developer is to look for a service provider that offers you end-to-end app development services right from conceptualising, designing development to app maintenance. Make sure the outsourcing company has an in-house development team for related services so that they can ensure an excellent quality product.

  1. Consider NDA and Privacy Agreements 

App idea security is the priority! What if your app idea or unique functionalities will get a leak or copied before its launch? Your entire efforts and investments will be in drain. 

So to ensure that your app idea will remain secure and confidential with the app development team, make sure they stick to the security agreement. And in today’s highly competitive scenario, signing an NDA form and other privacy agreements are essential as these agreements will protect your app idea from falling into the wrong hands.  

  1. Enquire About the Past Development Projects

The simple way to determine whether the software development company will be a good fit for your project or not is to enquire about the past app development projects. You can contact previous clients to get an idea about the service satisfaction, developer’s approach, dedication towards a project and more. Also, you can verify client’s rating and reviews on leading B2B platforms including Clutch, Good firm or more.   

  1. Project Transparency and Standard Communication Process

Keeping track of your app development project is always important to avoid unnecessary delays and errors in the project. While outsourcing the app development company, communication is the biggest constraint as both parties work in different time zones.

Make sure to ask your app development company will they offer a detailed insight into the different development stages, so that all the necessary changes will take place in real-time?

If yes, then what communication procedure they follow to keep their clients updated with the project progress report? What mode of communication did they use to follow- email, skype, hangouts or calls?

Will you be assigned a project manager to get your app development needs executed from the development team or you need to coordinate with the developers directly?

How frequent they provide you updates- weekly, alternatively, monthly or fortnightly?


The list isn’t here! There are a number of things to keep in mind while hiring the mobile app developer. Still, the only key to success is to determine your needs carefully and accordingly evaluate the company’s profile. 

Since developing a quality mobile application and choosing the best team of experts have become one of the biggest challenges for the business. Therefore, we hope you will find top coders for your app development project needs by simply following these points and able to bridge a gap between your goals and success. 

These tips will help you collaborate with the right app developer for your business and enables you to come up with the highly innovative and enterprise-grade app solutions.

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