Challenges Associated With Android App Development, With Possible Solutions

Android apps are among one of the most downloaded applications on the market. In fact, there is a relentless demand for highly innovative Android-enabled apps. So, it makes sense to create one for your business organization. Besides, considering the fact that the majority of users likely spend their digital media time on mobile applications, having one for your business can help reach out to a wider audience base.

Wondering Why You Should Create an Android App?

The best part of developing an app in Android is that is likely to get published easily compared to iOS apps. Also, the apps deployed to the Google Play Store are being made available for public use within a few days unlike the Apple’s iTunes store (that take weeks to release an app). Another great advantage of an Android app is: since it is built using the Java programming language, it can port to other mobile OS (operating system).

Android Application Development Problems and Their Solution

At present, most of the developers prefer using pre-built templates and customize them to come up with a unique looking design. While this may provide you with a better way to create an app design but several challenges can make the process of application development a daunting proposition.

Through this article, I want to share you with some of the biggest challenges you will encounter when developing an Android app. Additionally, you will learn about the tactics used by Android apps development company to cope up with those challenges.

Challenges Associated With Android App Development With Possible Solutions

1. Too Many Android Versions

The biggest problem with Android is that it too many versions. Also, many new releases are being introduced in the market quite frequently. So, it becomes challenging for the development companies to use one device as the baseline for app development. Also, they need to stay up-to-date about the features that are still supported or have been discontinued from the Android versions in use. Since many users don’t upgrade their product to the latest version, it’s imperative to evaluate which version is being used by your customer base.

Solution: Any good and reliable development firm will make it a habit of studying the most modern operating system version that is extensively used by mobile users. Apart from this, ensure that your service provider is capable enough to make the app work even on the oldest version available on the market.

2. Fragmented Hardware

It is easy to develop an app for the Apple devices, as you only need to focus on building an app that will work only on three devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod. But that’s not the case with Android OS, which can run on several devices like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and many more. And so, there is no standard device size for which you can build an app. Also, you will have to spend additional time in incorporating built-in features in your app (like Camera, GPS, Push Notifications, etc.) that may exist or not on a particular mobile device.

Solution: Ensure that your development partner is doing research on the most popular Android devices, and must test the app on those devices to see if they are working fine or not. Another possible workaround to this situation is that hardware manufacturers should include all essential features in Android powered devices.


No doubt, developing an Android app is an easy task and has a lot of benefits. Primarily, the open-source nature of the operating system saves developers from developing mobile applications from scratch. But as nothing is perfect, even developing an Android app has issues that you need to deal with to come up with the result-driven solution.

Exploring The Performance Of The Android Lollipop

Google Android is a powerful mobile operating system that is giving a cut-throat competition to the Apple iOS, which was also popular as the forerunner of the touchscreen mobile industry. Google has dramatically improved the platform with advanced technologies and top-notch features. The skyrocketing growth in the performance of this open source platform has helped it garner immense popularity across the globe.

This amazing platform has incessantly improved with its successive iterations. Today, there are innumerable Android powered devices. In fact, stats depict that Android has over 70% of the total mobile market shares. You can image what kind of exposure an Android application can offer you. Thus, it is advisable to seek a reliable and adroit Android app development company, and hire their suitable development service to ensure a prolific application. There are several development companies out there that support app development outsourcing. Run a thorough research and invest in a result-driven service.


The Android Lollipop version is not released recently, but it can successfully over a year now. The latest Nexus devices support the Android 5.1.1 version, which addressed many pitfalls that annoyed the users when they tried the initial version 5.0 in the year 2014. While the interface of the platform is pretty same as it was when Lollipop was initially released. However, small amendments were made in the platform to deliver enhanced performance and augment the user experience.

Let’s have a look at the performance of the Android 5.1 Lollipop.

  • Native HD voice calling and Dual SIM compatibility

If your network career supports High Definition voice calling, and runs Android 5.1, the HD voice calling will be native to your device. Thus, upgrading to the latest Android version will make the calls clearer and more enjoyable. Currently, there are not much device with those carriers that support this fabulous feature. However, it is anticipated that the number of HD voice calling compatible devices will elevate in the future.

  • Better Notifications

In Android 5.1, you can see heads up notification. While using an application if any notification appears on the screen, you an dismiss it from the screen
by swiping it up simply. However, this won’t remove it from the status bar and notifications shade. This may not be a huge enhancement, but it can be a gift for gamers.

  • Pin the screen

The “Screen Pinning” is yet another fantastic feature that Android 5.1 offers. With this great feature, one can ensure that only single application is running on the screen at a time. Thereby, preventing the accidental switch to another application, or accidentally sending the active application in the background. One can use this feature to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted access to an application.

Moreover, this feature also offers the benefits of parental control. For instance, you can hand over your device with Screen Pinning toggle “ON” to kids while ensuring that they can’t access other data on your device.

To enable this feature, you just need to navigate to the Settings app, access the Security tab, tap on Screen Pinning (which is present under the heading – “Advanced”). Simply toggle on the screen pinning option.

  • Enhanced Security

The “Device Protection” feature has been incorporated in the Android 5.1. When this feature is enabled make your device totally useless for an unauthorized user. Since, it demands genuine Google login certification to unlock the even if you have done a factory reset (it is a software restore that brings the device to its original state by deleting all the stored info), it doesn’t allow a thief or an unauthorized access to the device.


The update 5.1 has been only observed in the Nexus devices. Its performance is yet to be observed on other devices, including HTC, Sony, Samsung and so forth. However, its preview on Nexus proves that it is only going to deliver an outstanding experience on other devices as well. Rest, let’s see what the future holds in its hand.

Worthy Resources That Can Help You Develop Android Apps For Free

No doubt, Android has become the most popular mobile platform as it possesses the maximum market shares. Google has dramatically improved its performance and it is rapidly growing with advanced features and a huge audience base across the globe. For this reason, several mobile companies are releasing gadgets powered by this prolific mobile Operating System.

Develop Android Apps For Free

There are truckloads of Android applications available in the app market, and numerous apps are released on a daily basis. You can also reap the benefits of gigantic Android user base, by developing a suitable Android application. To ensure a sustainable success in this wobbly marketplace, you should be creative and trendy enough to hold the interest of your target audience. And, an Android app developer can definitely help you accomplish the task with an absolute precision and deliver a successful application.

However, if you don’t want to seek guidance or assistance by investing in a hefty amount to hire a professional, here are certain superlative resources that can help you develop a desired Android application with a flair. Most importantly, these resources don’t charge any amount and facilitate agile app development.

Resources That Allow One To Create Android Apps For Free

1. Apps Geyser

Apps Geyser is a free Android app development service provider that helps one to efficiently create an app and generate a great revenue while boosting his business values. It streamlines the application development process in a few simple and easy steps. By clicking on the create an application button, it offers a list of options to choose a preferred category for which you would like to develop an application. Then, simply follow the further steps and create a requisite application.

The service also allows one to monetize an app by including advertisements and thus, helps one to accentuate his profits. With this service, you can even share your app on major social networks. This feature further adds to its credibility and make the service provider stand ahead of its competitors. You can easily manage your Android application by using the platform offered by App Geyser.

2. Appy Pie’s Android App Builder

This is yet another free Android application development service provider. You can easily develop your apps online with this platform. It supports drag and drop features that lets one to efficiently design the interface in a desired fashion. Moreover, you don’t need to code while using this service. Just follow the steps included in it process and you will instantly get a working app as soon as the steps will be accomplished.

3. AppYet

Whether you possess expertise in any programming knowledge or not, AppYet is a brilliant service provider that buttress rapid application development. You can easily professional Android application by using this service provider. It only needs certain links to website or RSS, and it will then automatically transform the provided URL into a stunning native Android app. You can also embed ads in your app to make money and share your app across the globe.

There is no doubt that these service providers can guarantee a free app development, which can be accomplished in a little time. However, if you want to embrace specific features to efficiently cater to your business needs, it would be better to seek an Android app development company that has an invaluable experience in the field. Fortunately, there are numerous app development companies out there that offers proficient services and have adroit developers who are well updated with the ongoing trends and market demands. Therefore, they can definitely help you create an outstanding application.

It is essential to thoroughly research before hiring a service of an app development organization or dedicated professional. You must review his portfolio and client testimonials to analyze and determine if the chosen developer or company is best suitable for your project or not.

5 Tools To Optimize A Website To Drive A Better Mobile UX

Image 1It has been observed via stats and analytics report that the use of mobile devices for accessing the Internet has passed the usage of desktop devices. In fact, there are some individuals who claim that they have accessed the Internet for the very first time from their mobile devices only.

The growing demand of advanced mobile app development technology has certainly added to the smartphone and tablet industry. There are a whopping number of mobile users who prefer accessing the web via their mobile devices, as it offers them an easy access on the go. Thus, users can stay connected and seek the requisite info as and when desired. This amazing benefit of Internet-enabled mobile devices has leveraged businesses, while benefiting users. It facilitates businesses to efficiently reach their potential audiences and promote their products and services across the globe. Moreover, it also helps augment smooth and seamless interaction between consumers and businesses. All these factors substantially make mobile development a burgeoning industry.

For this reason, several businesses have already created a surefire mobile presence. If your website still doesn’t possess a mobile optimized solution, you are missing on a lot of conversions.

For the folks who are seeking easy solutions to transform their existing website into mobile optimized site, fortunately, numerous tools and services are available out there that guarantee surefire mobile presence. You may choose a suitable service and ensure an outstanding experience to your mobile visitors. To help you streamline your choice, here is a list of prolific tools that allow one to generate a ravishing mobile app development solution.

1. DudaMobile

Without getting deep into coding, this tool used for mobile app development allows one to create a responsive website and efficiently target any device. It beautifully transforms all the content from an existing website into a new website template. You can tailor the visual appeal of this template as per your needs. It also ensures that the developed responsive websites also adhere to the guidelines of Google SEO. Furthermore, you will get numerous utile widgets that can help leverage your business.

While it facilitates one to get a responsive site, it also allows one to simply convert an existing site into a mobile site in a few simple steps. It automatically transforms the content of your site into the mobile site, you just need to submit your site URL, the rest of the things will be taken care by DudaMobile. It delivers ultimate results at a blazingly high speed, and this is why, it is a much sought after choice.

2. Mofuse

Image 2Mofuse is a brilliant service provider. You may create your mobile website on your own or seek the guidance of Mofuse team and get your task accomplished. Whether you choose to do it yourself or want some professional to accomplish it for you, you can opt from a slew of pricing plans on the basis of the services required. Bid on an appropriate service that best suits your business needs and proceed with the instructions available on their site.

3. Winksite

This is yet another excellent mobile-optimized website provider. It is .mobi and W3C mobileOK standards compliant. It embraces several features that make it a great choice for creating a mobile community, like support for polls, chats, to name a few. You may create your very own mobile portal via the services of Winksite and share feeds or anything that you like, or simply chat with friends. Moreover, it also allows users to retrieve all the Twitter chats, emails and text messages, all at a place, through a mobile device.

4. Mippin

Image 3Mippin is an efficient tool that helps attain a mobile version of an RSS-driven website with a breeze. It basically helps create HTML5 app builder platform that allows one to get a corresponding mobile app development solution, which will be compatible with multiple mobile platforms and devices. It offers results with an appealing look and feel, and also facilitates basic analytics reports. Moreover, you can also monetize your app and earn a hefty amount by advertising online.

5. MobiReady

MobiReady is an efficient testing tool that allows designers and developers to figure out whether a site is delivering an optimal performance on mobile devices while complying with the best standards and practices of the industry or not. It offers resourceful results along with free reports and analytics that represent the site’s performance on mobile devices. Moreover, you can also compare your mobile presence with that of your competitors. It also facilitates one to access the MobiReady API with a flair and run a requisite tool in their environment to seek a desired info.

This roundup of amazing tools is great for optimizing an existing site for mobile visitors. You can choose any of the aforementioned tools or services. However, it is advisable to scrutinize the offered features and streamline your business requirements to ensure a surefire sustainable business solution.

Unleashing A Few Essential Facts About Android App Development

google_Chrome_androidGoogle Android is an open source mobile operating system that has garnered great popularity in the past few years. It is used in a plethora of devices, including smartphones, tablet, smart TVs, game consoles, cars, wearables like smart watches, Google glass, etc.

Today, with over 80% of total market shares, Android dominates the Smartphone OS market and passes the Apple iOS, which has been the forerunner of the touchscreen industry. According to the market trends, the Android mobile app development services are blooming at great pace. It is powered in numerous mobile devices from different manufacturers, thus, it is available on a large variety of devices. Therefore, contributing in the Android development offers one to reach a gigantic Android user base.

Google Android stands ahead of its competitors with maximum market shares and possesses a greater number of apps for any mobile OS. Over 1.3 million Android apps have been already downloaded (multiple times) from the Play Store. Moreover, there are several third party sources as well that facilitate app release, and considering them along the Google Play store, the number will increase to several billions.

Thus, by creating a remarkable app, you can earn a hefty amount. However, to make a living from the Android app development business, it is essential to ensure an innovative and trendy app that stands out in the pool of applications. The core programming language of Android is Java, you can efficiently learn the language as there are several useful resources available on the Internet. Once you will have expertise in the language, you can seek tutorials to get started. Furthermore, if you are not from a tech background and doesn’t want to delve deep into coding, you may also choose to hire some professional Android developer.

In fact, there are several app development companies that offer result-driven services at competitive prices. You may also seek a reliable and highly experienced company and hire their services to get a suitable app to leverage your business. However, it is advisable to review the quality of services offered and previous projects accomplished by a company to ensure a surefire Android application for your business.

While hiring professionals, you can make them adhere to your precise specifications and thus, ensure an app that can best cater to your business needs. By tailoring your app as per your requirements, you can efficiently reach your potential consumers and proficiently promote your products and services.

To make sure that your chosen Android application development services provider is ideal for your business, one must thoroughly research before investing in any services. There are different types of app development companies available across the globe, including freelancer Android developers. You may choose any appropriate option and boost your business productivity and enhance your business value.

Since, the Android platform allows developers to revamp the entire look and feel of an app and integrate superior functionalities, Android offers a great way to develop a creative yet highly functional app to meet the desired requirements. By keeping the aforementioned guidelines and facts in mind, you can take your business a notch higher with an astonishing Android application. Step on the Android pedal and you can observe heightened ROI and profits.

Guidelines To Promulgate The Application On The Google Play

outsource Android developmentOnce you have developed your application, the nest step is to publicly release it. Though there are several third party app stores where you can easily launch your application, the two giant app store are the Google Play Store authorized for hosting the Android applications and the Apple App Store authorized for hosting iOS applications.

This article will reveal the essential steps that can ensure a smooth and successful release of an Android application in the Google Play. Let’s go through each step one-by-one and learn how to promulgate an app.

Before you opt to outsource Android development, better know these steps or just explore them in a glance for your reference:

Step 1: Generate an APK file

To publish an application in the Google Play, you will first need to have a corresponding APK file. This archive can be created after accomplishing the below mentioned sub tasks.

a.) Develop a keystore.

b.) Export your Android app project as Android Mobile package.

c.) Sign in the application.

d.) Finalize the apk packaging.

Creating keystore: The Keystore certificate is quite essential for publishing an application in the Google Play. It can be generated by using an Eclipse plugin or you can yourself create it by implementing the keytools that come complete with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java Software Development Kit (SDK). And to sign in your APK file, you may either use a jarsigner or keytool.

Exporting the project as an Android Mobile Package: It can be done efficiently by using the keystore. Package your app as an apk archive and successfully upload it. For this-

  • Right click on the project root and click on the Export option.

  • From the available options, choose the Android node and Export the Android Application.

  • Simply follow the widget, makes appropriate tweak and move to the next page, in the final page, you will get the field and a browse button. Now, simply choose the location where you want to keep your apk Android package.

Step 2: Valid Developer Profile

Follow the link available in the Developer Console and pursue the instructions mentioned on the page. Fill in all your details and including email address, developers’ name, contact number and more, insert all the requisite details and click on the Save button. For a successful registration you will get a message popped on the screen.

Step 3: Merchant Account

Without creating a merchant account, you will be only allowed to publish free applications. To sell applications, a merchant account is a must. It can be created easily by clicking on the link included in the Developer Console page. Configure your account by appropriately adding your credentials in the form. You will also need to include the credit statement name and financial details. It is advisable to read all the terms and conditions thoroughly clicking on the “Complete Application” button.

Step 4: Upload your application

On the home page of the Developer Console, you will get a button reading “Upload Application”. After clicking on this button, a pop-up window will appear while asking for apk file. Simply click on it and browse through the options and choose your apk file. This will simply upload your file and offer you an upload confirmation message.

In case, you are willing to hire Android app programmers, it could be the best option for you as it can really help you out to get these above mentioned steps done. Finally, coming back to the final step, add the screenshots of your application, and include a small description to showcase the outstanding feature of your app on the Google Play. With this your application is all set and ready to hit the application store. Release your Android app and generate great revenue while promoting your business.

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6 Best Android applications that facilitate web designing

cobaaufwdThere are truckloads of applications in the repository of Android applications (including the Google Play Store or any other store). These stores offer apps to cater diversified domains like business, entertainment, education, and a lot more.

For the folks who are looking for an effective Android application development services that can make web designing a heck lot easier, they can also get appropriate apps to accomplish their task with greater convenience and enhanced creativity.

Let’s have a look at some of its the best applications for web designers.

1. Magic Color Picker: Now, making color selections won’t be a tedious job anymore. This app features seven different color models including, RGB, YUV, HSL and HSV that allow web designers to pick a requisite color by sliding through the plethora of options. The resourceful color selection tool even allows user to blend colors to create a unique and desired color shade; one can use either sliders or palettes to adjust accordingly and mix the colors.

2. CSS Reference: While working with CSS code, one often needs to certain assistance or reference. With this Android application, you can seek guidance anytime and anywhere. It offers brilliant knowledge that facilitates web designers to accomplish their job. This app epitomizes the chunks of CSS codes, thus you can directly pick the requite code and complete your project. Hence, this app serves as a smart and handy alternative to the programming books.

3. WiFi Keyboard: If you wish to attach an external keyboard with your Android device like the Nexus 5, you can easily connect a real keyboard by using this application. It facilitates hassle-free, reliable connection and allows users to type in their mobile device via a keyboard connected to a PC.

4. WebRank SEO: Looking for a convenient way to access the marvelous web service – WebRankStats service, WebRank SEO is a native Android app that is perfect for you. It facilitates access over the extensive optimization data, with Alexa rank, Google page rank, etc., that can help you in a lot of ways. This app features a complete set of SEO tools, it thus, allows users to analyze the site SEO on the go; moreover, the integrated Sociometer enables users to keep tabs on your social media activity.

5. WordPress for Android: Get control over your WP blog via your Android device by using this handy application. It allows one to manage the web content, and its layout on the go. This mobile apps development services facilitates users to write content, edit it, publish images, check stats, and much more.

6. WebMaster’s HTML Editor: Carry the HTML editor in your pocket with this effective application. This source code editor is ideal for web designers and developers, as it facilitates a set of webmaster tools like HTML editor, CSS editor, PHP editor, JavaScript editor and text editor. Moreover, it also offers syntax highlighting, code completion, preview via virtual keys and keyphrases. For added versatility, it supports multiple file formats including, js, xml, html5, css, php5, txt, etc.



The above mentioned are a few applications that are designed to help web designers to pave their path towards success with ease. Use the appropriate application to conveniently design a unique and innovative web page and stand apart from your competitors.

5 Most Popular Android Apps to keep you socially connected on-the-go

Advanced social networks allow one to share their thoughts, interests, impressions, moods or whatever one likes to with others via an interactive and interesting platform. These networks have provided one a splendid way to share stuff with their social connections.

With the flourishing mobile and web technology, we have gadgets that facilitate us to carry Internet in our pockets and browse the web or use ultimate apps as and when desired.

If you are an Android user, you can easily find truckloads of applications for numerous categories in the Google Play Store. And, there is no dearth social-networking apps too; let’s have a look at some of its most popular and coolest apps that facilitates convenient social networking.

1. Instagram

22Featuring amazing functions, you can click and share every special moment with this popular app. Its outstanding custom filter effects allow one to customize their images and videos with breeze. It provides artful results with quality work that you will love to share everyday moments with your loved ones. You can share images via a photo feed or can post them directly to your pals. Instagram is a must-have app.

2. Facebook Messenger

11With this reliable Android Application Development, you can Chat with your FB friends on the go, this add-on will allow Facebook users to conveniently access their FB messenger. For some devices, it also allows one to integrate their Facebook conversations with SMS. What’s more: its chat heads let one to chat while operating other applications. This app delivers great performance with outstanding features.

3. Pinterest

Stacked with creative stuff and interesting facts, this app can help you discover modern and innovative ideas. You can use this app to get new ideas for your projects, home decor, jewelery designs, wedding decor, recipes and a lot more. Pinterest has a huge number of users and thus, it offers you wide variety of options.

4. Flipboard

1Transform your social media in a magazine-style layout with this ultimate app. It will collect and display updates from around 12 social networking circles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. It also incorporates world news based on your interests. Flipboard is an all in one Android app that facilitates you a cluster of social information at a single place.

5. Social Media All In One App.

You can also avail a proficient Android Apps Developer from India as it is All rounder! This versatile app is a great pick for individual or business use. It is designed to save memory space of your Android device. With this app, one can access all the popular social media websites including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and a lot more.

Final Thought:

These magnificent tools are simply superb that helps you to keep your social media accounts updated and handle their features with great convenience. No matter where you are, these are some of the Android apps that allow one to stay socially connected. Download the suitable one and access your accounts with breeze.

Native Android Applications Running on Chrome OS

1Recently, Google announced that Chromebooks will run its Android application development services in the future. As Google wants to make its Chromebook an attraction point for its future apps, it’s clear that the technology giant is tapping every opportunity to make Chrome dominant for its customers.

Google Chromebooks- A Step Towards Creative Innovation and Usefulness

2Chromebooks will run the apps on the screen of their windows. They will also provide you notifications such as battery-low, and new messages will pop up immediately and get easily synchronised with Smartphones and tablets. For the users of Chromebooks, it has brought a positive wave of feelings as they’ll be able to enjoy a seamless synchronization between their Android devices and Chrome. Notifications will get popped up automatically on both the synchronized devices, without any hassle of downloading any third-party app. So, if you use Chromebook and you got a new message or your Android phone runs out of battery, you’ll be notified immediately so that you can do something for it. Not only this, notifications for incoming calls can also appear on Chromebook.

In addition to this, the users have been facilitated by reputable Android App Development Companies via Chromebook as it will also have the facility of downloading Android apps on Chromebook directly from the Google Play, and will enjoy working of these apps just the same way they would have on their phone or tablet. Some of its popular apps such as Evernote, Flipboard, and Vine were selected to show the working sample of Chromebooks. The apps in demonstration shown running in  Chromebooks as well as the Android devices just like any other app. Google has also integrated its latest versions of Google docs and Spreadsheets in the Chrome OS. Such approach of developing a cross-device user-interface platform- which Apple and Windows too thinking to develop, gives Chromebook a competitive edge.

What’s More to See

Apart from apps, Google is also working to run its Google Store for Education, aimed for education purpose and started with tablet devices, to work on Chromebooks. The company is also planning to expand the education store to US K-12 Chromebook Schools as well.

If we look at Google’s keynote address leveraged by proficient Android Apps Developer India, we can see some major innovations that Google has started to experiment with. Some of them include Android TV- optimized for a better TV watching experience, Andriod Wear, Android Auto, which has been designed to work with cars and many more.

All these major announcements and demonstrations show how Google is leveraging on some new opportunities to estabilish its access on the global markets and continuously emerging as a top-most choice of its customers.

5 Amazing Android Applications custom-made for Mac Users


With amazing Android Applications Development, there’s no need for you to feel left out just because you don’t own an iPhone. It’s pretty much “OK” to own a Mac. With a wide collection of Android apps available in the mobile market, you need not sacrifice your ways of loving the open source mobile operating system features. Today, in this post, I bring to you 5 amazing apps for Mac users residing in different corners of the world. So, let’s take a drive through these stunning Android apps.

Android App#1- Google Chrome to Phone


Google Chrome to Phone is a free Android app that enables you to push links, maps, phone numbers and everything else that you may need for your Android smartphone. To get this app working on your Android smartphone, you’ll need to install a Chrome browser extension on your Mac.

Android App#2-Google Gesture Search


With Google Gesture Search installed in your Android device, you can easily access contacts, settings, applications, music and bookmarks on your Android device. Google Gesture Search lets you search multilingual contents by drawing native characters for more than 40 different languages. This Android app refines the search results each time you add a new gesture. It learns from your search history to auto-populate items that you’ve already searched for in the past.

Android App#3-SyncMate


SyncMate is a perk by one of the reputable Android Application Development that syncs up your Mac and Android via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. With this app, it becomes easy to keep a good track of all your contacts, folders, calendars, Safari bookmarks and text messages. You can also use this app for synchronizing iTunes and iPhotom and further use it for mounting your Android as a new volume on your Mac.

Android App#4-RemoteDroid


RemoteDroid is an Android app that turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse. This app works via your WiFi network and acts like a touchpad for your computer. You can even use the in-built pop-up keyboard that can be used for typing in shortcuts.

Android App#5-DoubleTwist AirSync


AirSync is a wonderful Android app that works in conjunction with the doubleTwist desktop application to sync your music, photos and videos over a WiFi network. AirSync Android app has been recommended by New York Times, BBC and the Wall Street Journal.


Now you’ve them all, the 5 best Android apps custom-made for Mac users that can be also bagged, you will opt to Hire Android Developer. Hope you’d have enjoyed the collection and made your selection. With the right Android app, you can make the most of your device.

Please do share your comments on the above post.