Exploring The Future Of Mobile Payments And Watches

It has to be said that Apple has dramatically improved its products and is consistently making efforts to deliver the best and latest features to the world. The Apple iPhone is the forerunner of the touchscreen industry. The way it is improved with its each iteration, it has tremendously gained popularity across the globe. Today, the iOS powered devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and so forth have a formidable fan following.

Keeping the advanced features of iOS devices and its gigantic user base in mind, businesses look for iPhone app developer for hire to develop a suitable application to augment their business. This is has certainly elevated the demand for iPhone professionals. Thankfully, today, there are truckloads of adept iPhone developers are available out there who offer prolific development services. One can easily seek a suitable service provider without making painstaking efforts.


Let’s learn how the high devices and technologies offered by its latest products will impact our lives.

The Apple Watch and Apple Pay are really the game changers. These devices have significantly improved the way one can solve the problems.

Apple Watch

The release of the Apple Watch has impacted the complete industry. It possesses several astonishing features that make it an incredible device. A few of them are deciphered below.

  • Feature-rich watch – The Apple Watch will not only display the time like any other watch, but it is an intelligent time display device that is context sensitive. For instance, it can track the location via the built-in GPS and accordingly display the time, even if you are traveling from a time zone to another. And since, it easily gets synchronized with your calendar, it shares the suitable alerts seamlessly and helps you stay updated for the upcoming events.

  • Multiple watch faces for personalization – Unlike the traditional watches that come with a particular band and face, Apple Watch is an integrated software and hardware device that comes with a huge variety of faces that can be personalized in a desired fashion. You can make it appear either like a mechanical watch, stop watch, digital watch or any other kind that best suits your taste. It, thus, can be said that it offers infinite options for personalization.

  • An innovative Digital Crown is a digital input device – The traditional crown is leveraged in Apple Watch. It has been integrated with the hardware and seamlessly synchronized with the OS powering the watch. The crown, thus, acts as an input device. It makes scrolling and zooming easy with the rotation of the Crown only. The digital crown helps deliver a fabulous Apple Watch experience.

  • Offers a Wallet in the Watch – It is a powerful device that features the Apple Pay to support a secure payment method. There are several retailers who have already adopted this technology. However, the number of its users is expected to further increase in the coming future.

Apple Pay

Apple is expanding its reach to several markets, Health Kit is a great example how it has taken health and fitness to another level. In a similar way, it has entered into the payment market with the Apple Pay. It has amazingly revolutionized the mobile payments.

The payment market is dominated by card payments, but the PayPal, Square, Google and more such players are trying best to attain the trust by offering a secure, reliable and effortless payment system with a card-less payment methods. Apple believes that with the Apple Pay, it has tried to solve the common mobile payment issues to a great extent. However, the success of this feature greatly depends on its adaptability by Apple customers as well as retailers.

A message to developers

Apple Watch has a great potential to support various applications and augment Internet of Things. At the time of its release only, we have seen examples how one can use his Apple Watch to unlock a door, set the temperature of a thermostat, seek transit direction, and a lot more. With the Watchkit, it has offered a great set of opportunities for developers to develop Apple Watch specific applications. Developers are reaping the benefits of this advanced device and its powerful features.

The Apple is an innovative brand that keeps rolling top notch products and features in the market to entice users and further expand its consumer base. It can be observed that every new release of the Apple products in the market receives great warmth and attention from the users across the globe.

Marvelous Tips To Consider While Hiring Android Developers

Google Android has incessantly gained a great popularity across the globe. Today, it possesses over 70% of the mobile market share, surpassing the shares of the Apple iPhone in the market with a whopping number.

Many more people preferring the Android platform have certainly encouraged businesses to invest in Android application development to boost their market value while efficiently targeting a wider audience base. This has certainly added to the demand of Android app development companies that can offer outstanding app development services at affordable prices. If you also have an app idea and want to transform your dream into reality, whether to buttress your business or to make a good money from it, hiring professionals make a viable choice.

There is no dearth of applications in the Google Play store and many new applications is released everyday. Thus, in order to make your application stand out in the pool of applications, it is imperative to have an innovative and well designed app. Since professionals have valuable experience in the field, and must possess expertise in Android development with the knowledge about all the latest improvements in the domain, it is advisable to hire experts.

However, it is equally essential to ensure that your chosen professionals are well suited for your project and can help you drive your business sales and profits with a flair. There are certain factors that must be considered while hiring a professional developer to make a remarkable choice. Here are some of the useful tips to help you choose an adept and highly experienced Android expert for your project.

1. Research Thoroughly Beforehand

First things first. Research is the quite vital and imperative step that must be adhered properly. By thoroughly researching about the platform is beneficial, as it will offer you an insight into the capabilities and downsides of the operating system. Moreover, it will help you choose a suitable programmer which will otherwise become a really hard task. You can easily learn the basics about Android through the Internet, there are plenty of authentic resources available that will provide with an optimal information. In fact, there are several online courses that can aid you learn the platform with ease.

2. Refer To The Approaches Followed By Renowned Professionals

You can seek guidance and support from the professionals who are making a great living from the Android development. This can suggest you some brilliant traits that you must look for in the service provider. However, it is advisable to stay clear of their goals, as they may intend to promote their own business while sharing such information.

3. Where To Search?

In order to hire Android developers who can leverage Android application development, you must rely on a prolific source. Fortunately, there are several authentic websites that offer an incredible platform to search professionals. It includes, Freelancer, Elance, etc. You just need to create an account and on their website and fill in the details of the projects and aspects that you have from a developer, interested professionals can bid on your project and you will have a list of options in front of you to choose from.

4. Verify Them Before Signing Them

Once you have some options around you, it is recommended to streamline your choice while considering their portfolio and client testimonials. Check how many years of experience do they have in the field and look for the environment that they offer to their clients while the project is in development phase.

Referring to the portfolio, and the previous projects accomplished by the professional will help you understand his caliber, and thus, determine whether he is suitable for your project or not. It is better to properly test the applications developed by him, you can install them and run them. This will give you a glimpse of the performance and their expertise in the field. Moreover, analyzing the client testimonial will help you learn the relationship and work environment that the professionals share with their clients.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can easily ensure a surefire Android developer who can deliver a remarkable application while taking your business objective into account.

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Summarizing the key business benefits of Android Platform for a Mobile App

Augury is a risky business, but looking at the current trends any one can foretell that the future of Android is very bright. This makes Android
app one of the most sough after and invasive tool for business development. This fact is the sole reason for the growth of all the inventive Android App Development Companies out there as business owner count on them for
their business benefits.

In this article we will discuss the benefits of building your business app on Android platform.

  • Android is one of the hot choice of developers due to its open source nature. The best part about this platform is that it offers easy tools for development and an extremely well performed Integrated Development Environment for a smooth development. Due to it’s increasing audience there has been a considerable increase in the demand for the Android app developers in the market and there is availability of various development options.
  • Android is leading operating system used by multitudes around the world. Thus, choosing Android will open a wide expanse of audience for you which will help you to improve your sales and get better returns on income.
  • Building custom mobile apps on Android is a greener pasture thus it is a one of the most preferred platform. Its development environment allows business owners to make custom made applications which perfectly fits on their requirements.
  • When it comes to cost, developing Android apps is a cost effective process for than opting in for an iOS app. It is one of the most cost effective way of creating affordable apps and reaching to wide berth of users . This is one of efficient way for improving your returns.
  • Android app development life cycle is an easy one and therefore it do not needs a long time to market the apps and this thus ensures returns in
    a very short span of time.
  • Small business owners who have a very scanty budget for online business can go for android app development due to less low development cost and thus it helps business to quickly stand gain credence in the market.
  • There are a lot of Android apps on Google Play Store which are free of cost. As customers do not invent on app unless they are quite famous thus availing mobile apps for free will help you to get the reach among the audience wide and fast. Providing the app for free of cost will help you attract more users. Further, do not forget to include a strong monetization policy which includes in-app purchase options.
  • Android OS has a several ingenious and easy to use features, which guides programmers in developing exquisite mobile applications. For instance, developers can leverage tools such as SQLite, accelerometer, magnetometer and more, to add inventiveness to their application
  • There is a stiff competition in the Android app development market field. Your business might lag behind in terms of generating revenue if you fail to maintain your potential customers. Your business thus needs people with hands on experience to maintain your competitiveness in the market.

Android OS looks promising with its popularity and user-friendliness. Businesses can get good benefit from this platform by hiring innovative Android
App Developers, to reach enormous audience base.

5 Tools To Optimize A Website To Drive A Better Mobile UX

Image 1It has been observed via stats and analytics report that the use of mobile devices for accessing the Internet has passed the usage of desktop devices. In fact, there are some individuals who claim that they have accessed the Internet for the very first time from their mobile devices only.

The growing demand of advanced mobile app development technology has certainly added to the smartphone and tablet industry. There are a whopping number of mobile users who prefer accessing the web via their mobile devices, as it offers them an easy access on the go. Thus, users can stay connected and seek the requisite info as and when desired. This amazing benefit of Internet-enabled mobile devices has leveraged businesses, while benefiting users. It facilitates businesses to efficiently reach their potential audiences and promote their products and services across the globe. Moreover, it also helps augment smooth and seamless interaction between consumers and businesses. All these factors substantially make mobile development a burgeoning industry.

For this reason, several businesses have already created a surefire mobile presence. If your website still doesn’t possess a mobile optimized solution, you are missing on a lot of conversions.

For the folks who are seeking easy solutions to transform their existing website into mobile optimized site, fortunately, numerous tools and services are available out there that guarantee surefire mobile presence. You may choose a suitable service and ensure an outstanding experience to your mobile visitors. To help you streamline your choice, here is a list of prolific tools that allow one to generate a ravishing mobile app development solution.

1. DudaMobile

Without getting deep into coding, this tool used for mobile app development allows one to create a responsive website and efficiently target any device. It beautifully transforms all the content from an existing website into a new website template. You can tailor the visual appeal of this template as per your needs. It also ensures that the developed responsive websites also adhere to the guidelines of Google SEO. Furthermore, you will get numerous utile widgets that can help leverage your business.

While it facilitates one to get a responsive site, it also allows one to simply convert an existing site into a mobile site in a few simple steps. It automatically transforms the content of your site into the mobile site, you just need to submit your site URL, the rest of the things will be taken care by DudaMobile. It delivers ultimate results at a blazingly high speed, and this is why, it is a much sought after choice.

2. Mofuse

Image 2Mofuse is a brilliant service provider. You may create your mobile website on your own or seek the guidance of Mofuse team and get your task accomplished. Whether you choose to do it yourself or want some professional to accomplish it for you, you can opt from a slew of pricing plans on the basis of the services required. Bid on an appropriate service that best suits your business needs and proceed with the instructions available on their site.

3. Winksite

This is yet another excellent mobile-optimized website provider. It is .mobi and W3C mobileOK standards compliant. It embraces several features that make it a great choice for creating a mobile community, like support for polls, chats, to name a few. You may create your very own mobile portal via the services of Winksite and share feeds or anything that you like, or simply chat with friends. Moreover, it also allows users to retrieve all the Twitter chats, emails and text messages, all at a place, through a mobile device.

4. Mippin

Image 3Mippin is an efficient tool that helps attain a mobile version of an RSS-driven website with a breeze. It basically helps create HTML5 app builder platform that allows one to get a corresponding mobile app development solution, which will be compatible with multiple mobile platforms and devices. It offers results with an appealing look and feel, and also facilitates basic analytics reports. Moreover, you can also monetize your app and earn a hefty amount by advertising online.

5. MobiReady

MobiReady is an efficient testing tool that allows designers and developers to figure out whether a site is delivering an optimal performance on mobile devices while complying with the best standards and practices of the industry or not. It offers resourceful results along with free reports and analytics that represent the site’s performance on mobile devices. Moreover, you can also compare your mobile presence with that of your competitors. It also facilitates one to access the MobiReady API with a flair and run a requisite tool in their environment to seek a desired info.

This roundup of amazing tools is great for optimizing an existing site for mobile visitors. You can choose any of the aforementioned tools or services. However, it is advisable to scrutinize the offered features and streamline your business requirements to ensure a surefire sustainable business solution.

An Insight Into The Multitasking In Android Application Development

Image 1The open-source mobile platform, that is Android has garnered great popularity in the past few years. It has been into a fierce competition with the Apple iOS platform that has been the forerunner of the touchscreen industry. The Multitasking is one of the most significant attribute of the Android, which has greatly contributed to the success of this platform.

Indubitably, with the ultimate leverages of Android application development services, applications can efficiently support multitasking. However, to reap its benefits, it is essential to understand the platform behavior, prior diving into the app development platform. Since, there are certain limitations associated with the application development, these must be kept in mind to ensure a functional and remarkable product. These limitations have facilitated developers to seek effective solutions that support multitasking.

Here are a few restrictions that must be considered while developing a mobile application possessing multitasking.

1. The mobile application must be lightweight and agile in nature. Most of the mobile devices don’t exhibit a huge memory space. The available memory is substantially less than the amount of RAM needed for app development. Thus, in order to avoid this issue from creating bottlenecks in your app success, it is advisable to ensure a lightweight and feature-rich app development.

2. Since, the mobile users are often less patient, asking them to click done after accessing an application won’t be a viable choice. For instance, there could be a case that a user will need to access an application quite often but only for a small time span while accessing another app. Thus, asking for done application after each access could annoy your app users.

3. Switching from one app to another must be smooth and seamless. If a mobile user is not able to instantly switch from an application to another, there are great chances that soon he/she will abandon that app. Mobile are likely to access thing on the go and in a quite hurry as compared to the desktop users. Thus, if they are not able to access an information as and when desired, they may get annoyed.

4. While accessing an application if another application has been accessed, then the user must be able to resume the heretofore running application from where he/she has left. For example, if a user is accessing the Facebook application and in between a text message has arrived, user must be able to switch to seamlessly switch to messages and then back to that last accessed Facebook page.

If you opt to hire Android developers, there might be a possibility that a common issue might occur that often creates misunderstanding while developing an application with multitasking. It is the confusion between process and application. Most of the developers often get confused between the two terms. An application may or may not possess a process, however it can also support multiple processes. Moreover, multiple applications can share a common process as well. Create the app process wisely while developing a multitasking app.

To achieve multitasking, one needs to support the simultaneous execution of multiple applications. However, the above mentioned factors are needed to be kept in mind to ensure a smooth and consistent user experience on mobile devices. And, Android platform has been designed to augment multitasking in an efficient fashion.

Why Less-Coding Development Platforms are Making a Difference

Image 1The cutting edge apps have been making their way to the market at a speed that’s hard to catch up with, or is it? Well, the demand for Smartphones and the latest of features are at the all-time high and this has indeed put a lot of pressure on the app developers of the world to keep churning out sophisticated apps that help development companies make a strong boast in the market.

And thus in this endeavor, they are always looking for something that let’s them write codes with a degree of ease. The Apple market is witnessing this frenzy in an even greater degree. There are those who seek app development services instead of just hiring individual programmers to further lessen the load.

And this is where the low code platforms are making an entry. These platforms enable the Android App Developers from India as well to speedily develop applications that do not require piles of code to be written for. Apart from the minimum hand-coding, they also ensure quick deployment of the applications, and this proves to be a major motivation for the developers to adopt these platforms and set in motion much more empowered application development.

Every platform out there already has a number of plugins, extensions, modules and libraries for developers to use. These libraries and extensions go a long way in reducing the load of developers by giving them tools that save them from writing chunks of code for integrating a particular feature in their app.

There are also app stores that developers can resort to as they contain several templates and widgets that can further power them to add features which would have otherwise required to write long-winded programs. Once the developers have all these tools and plugins, all they need to do is to visually align them at their right places and rest of the job is done. If however they decide to glide past these tools and plugins, it becomes imperative to write long and complex codes for even the minutest of features. This leads to increase in the total development time and it further causes their projects to move at a warp speed. If you, as a developer, are expected to deliver a project according to tight deadlines, you would obviously want to use these tools to lessen your burden and deliver the expectations accurately and as per the timelines expected of you. In rare cases if nothing works as per the plan, it is more recommended to Hire Developers who know their way around development and around the low code platforms as well.

The low code platforms however have to provide an environment that is unified and can contain all the stages of app development. Whether it is planning, designing or deploying, every phase has to be covered so that there is no discord between these different phases at all.

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Obviously, when there is such an elevated competition going on, you can’t rely only on quality to zoom you past your competitors. Your clients are looking for a partner that can deliver the quality services on a timely basis, and that’s exactly what you need to deliver. And leveraging the low code platforms, you are well on your way to ensure a satisfied client.

How Enterprise Applications help businesses expand?

Whether you own a startup company or run a well-established company, there is often a need of certain internal applications for automated processes that help enterprises to run their businesses with ease.

With the rapidly accentuating mobile app development services, today, it’s possible to have an application for a huge variety of tasks from a minute one to a highly complex one. The flourishing internal business systems including resource planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc., have raised the need of an enterprise application. These business-oriented software tools significantly help enterprises to execute their job and internal processes with great efficiency and convenience.



If needed, you can also have an enterprise application to help your company develop strategies for incorporating and smoothly executing business operations. To design a suitable and effective application, one needs to keep in mind a predefined framework that helps achieve the required goals (also know as “domains”). 

You can even incorporate a software into an existing framework of the enterprise architecture. However, it’s advisable to make hire iOS developers to create an effective and smoothly running application that can help meet your business goals with greater ease.

Let’s have a look at a few tips that can help you introduce an application domain for defining the business sub-domain goals.



  • For this, first you will need to review the existing business model or map; now, open a new word document for maintaining notes regarding the category and its different components.
  • Within the existing business map, you will find the main Information Domain and Business Domain. If required, tweak the existing information and business domains and add your Application domain to the existing model.
  • Mention which kind of application you are integrating in the Enterprise architecture (EA) model. Check whether it is a software or an intellectual property.
  • Edit, copy and paste the relevant notes for the sub-domains and Application domain on the existing model/map.
  • Save the new EA model. You can modify or update this model as and when desired.

To integrate and maintain an enterprise application, one needs to adhere certain strategies. And before defining those strategies, it’s imperative to consider following points –

  • Effective strategies help management to conveniently transform the manual functions into the automated ones. Since, there are modules for almost every business process, the deployed strategies must ensure that all employees will be on the same page (will be treated alike).
  • Indubitably, enterprise applications will facilitate businesses to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness, but for this, companies often require non-tech strategies that allow one to retrieve information from the application system and improve the operations.
  • Getting familiar with your application infrastructure can help you boost your business values with a breeze. And for this, you first need to determine what is the actual issue that is hindering your company’s progress and success. Doing so, you can easily find the optimal solution for the caused problems.
  • To enhance the productivity, you can implement an application for automation.
  • To upgrade the system performance, you can use application to introduce visualization.
  • For better data integrity, you can deploy an ideal server backup software.

Bottom Line:
The enterprise applications play a crucial role in achieving an effective internal collaboration and communication between the shared resources. It also offers the greater cooperation among the partners and suppliers. You can deploy the appropriate enterprise applications on several functional departments like finance, manufacturing, sales, resource planning, HR and much more.


Constructing the iOS App for a Beginner’s Consideration

The beginners in the development realm always have a hard time dealing with certain elements that are convoluted, and justifiably so. Those running a business invest to prefer iPhone Development Services, but individuals are leaned towards learning.

So, it is always a great idea to get a clear understanding of the basics and then take that knowledge forward and leap it into something highly sophisticated technology wise.

So, for all the novices out there, here are 3 easy steps you can adopt and implement to create something that is custom:


main.m is Where Most of the Magic Happens

The main.m file contains main() – and main() and that’s where the process begin with. So, to start of the project, we write the code for main.m:

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
NSAutoreleasePool *pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init];
int retVal = UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, @”HelloWorldAppDelegate”);
[pool release];
return retVal;

So, an autorelease pool is creating at the beginning and it is duly released later after it makes calls to the UIApplicationMain(). We define this function as follows:

UIApplication.h inside the UIKit.framework wrapper
int UIApplicationMain(int argc, char *argv[], NSString *principalClassName,
                                                                         NSString *delegateClassName)

While the initial two parameters are meant to arguments, the third parameter gives a name to the application class. And the fourth parameter is what specifies the name of the application delegate class.
UIApplicationMain() essentially does the job of instantiating the application and the application delegate objects. This is followed by setting the property of the application object for the application delegate instance. Any kind of event that takes place is then recorded b the system and queued, until the application object dequeues the events.

And Then You Have to Set Up the Application Delegate Class
This one represents a standard application delegate class:
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
@class MyView;
@interface HelloWorldAppDelegate : NSObject <UIApplicationDelegate> {

UIWindow *window;
MyView   *view;

UIApplicationDelegate protocol is used by the the application delegate class and it is the instance variables that store the references to the objects for user-interface.
And then we move to the applicationDidNotFinishLaunching method that is contained by UIApplicationDelegate protocol. Application object invokes this method essentially and its purpose is to communicate to the delegate thhat app has completed its launching process. The following code illustrates how the application delegate class is implemented and in the DidFinishLaunching method, the main window is created:

#import “HelloWorldAppDelegate.h”
#import “MyView.h”
@implementation HelloWorldAppDelegate
– (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application {
window = [[UIWindow alloc] initWithFrame:[[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]];
CGRect frame = [UIScreen mainScreen].applicationFrame;
view = [[MyView alloc] initWithFrame:frame];
view.message = @”Hello World!”;

view.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
[window addSubview:view];
[window makeKeyAndVisible];
– (void)dealloc {
[view release];
[window release];
[super dealloc];

This is how it all works: Windows are instances of UIWindow, which happens to be a subclass of UIView. UIView is the root level class and this is the class which handles the gestures by the users. The dimensions of the windows object are defined by the initializer. Instance of MyView is initialized and it is added as a subview to the window.

We Then Move to Creating the Interface Subclasses

A subclass of UIView is defined and then its event-handling is override in order to acknowledge the events initiated by the user. We need to open the Xcode and go to File>New File. From the window, we will select UIView subclass.


Now, the file you have created will be named as MyView.m and click on the “finish” button:


We will declare MyView by the following code:
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
@interface MyView : UIView {
NSString *message;
@property(nonatomic, retain) NSString *message;

When we need to draw, we use a font to draw the message text. As soon as the user separates the finger from the screen, the event is created and then it is stored in the application queue. The application object channels the event to the main window which recieves the event by subviews. With our code example, the events are received via the touchesEnded:withEvent: method.


#import “MyView.h”

@implementation MyView
@synthesize message;

– (void)touchesEnded: (NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event{
if( [(UITouch *)[touches anyObject] tapCount] == 2){
// handle a double-tap
– (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect{
[message drawAtPoint:CGPointMake(60,180)
withFont: [UIFont systemFontOfSize: 32]];

– (void)dealloc{
self.message = nil;
[super dealloc];


The above code thus gives its output like in the image.

6 Key Things to Consider When Hiring an iOS Developer

With most of the business owners (though not all) opting for building an app to promote their brand, it becomes imperative to build a one-of-a-kind application that help you stay abreast of the curve. Especially, if you are thinking about building an app for the Apple’s iOS device you might need to seek out help of a professional. But choosing the most suitable development partner may leave you befuddled. Below are a few tips to consider that will definitely help you find well-suited service provider.

Approach a Reputable Job Portal


The skilled developers will create an app for your business organization’s website. The first step that you must follow when looking to find competent developers is to post your project requirement on renowned sites like Elance, Guru and any other job portals. And within no time you will find dozens of applicants signing up for the job.

Finalize Only the Credible Ones


When searching for expert iOS Programmers for Hire, you will usually come up with a long list of programmers, all claiming to offer quality services. But you need to find the credible developer that requires looking for one who prefer to present proof of their capabilities. Put simply, a good developer will never hide the projects they have completed so far and the results they have achieved.

Don’t Depend on the Cost Factor


It’s good to search for development companies offering low cost development. But make sure not to make a fuss over the price, when it comes to quality. A good developer will definitely put the best foot forward in providing you with great results, and thus, you shouldn’t be rigid over the price issue. Let the programmer quote the price but you can negotiate it, if the price is exceeding your budget limit. Make sure to get the price written, so as to avoid any last minute hassle.

Have a Discussion With Your Programmer


Make sure to have a word with your coder about the application you want to build, especially if you have hired an offshore coder. A virtual discussion will not only help you establish a healthy relation with the coder, but will also help your service partner understand your expectations from the app development project.

Get An Apple ID



In order to sell the app the developer needs to be registered with Apple. Therefore, ensure that the company you have hired for Custom iOS App Development submits the application on your behalf to the App store for approval.

Sign an Agreement


Make sure to sign a legal agreement with your service partner, as it will help you get assured that your project will be completed within the stipulated time period. But make certain to add all the essential details in your pact, right from the date of project completion, to due date and what possible actions can be taken in case the conditions defined in your pact are not met.

Abiding by the above discussed steps, you can begin development of an application for iOS device users. You just need to look for an experienced and reliable source for finding your iOS developers. This will prove to be a time saving process, giving you enough time to focus on other important business aspects.

What Marketing Strategies Should Be Followed By an iPhone App Development Company

Nowadays, the demand for iPhone apps has picked up a pace in the world of mobile applications. Due to this, iPhone app developers are facing intense competition and thus putting constant efforts in search for new business avenues to garner the attention of iPhone application users. In the midst of such scenario, it’s important for developers to develop a solid marketing strategy to promote their apps so that it doesn’t lose its way in the crowd of millions of apps being launched every day. One can use advertisement tools such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Beta advertisements, along with other advertisement mediums such as Admob and Quattro. In this way, they can make their customers aware of their latest developments and will serve them better.

So, here are some ways that every app development company can follow to create a strong hold in the world of app development:

Identify the Target Audience


Identifying the target audience is one of the most essential steps for every marketer as it helps him to identify his own potential to serve a particular market segment under a set of resource constraints. So, when launching a new app it is important for a development firm to get an idea of its users, their needs, and their purposes. They should always create those apps which are not only easy to use but they should be related to customers set of preferences in some way or the other. For example, if a firm plans to develop an app for students, then they should first look for what students can actually demand in an app. First of all, the app should be free and should have a proper curriculum related to their studies, tutorials, and additional notes, which can be used effectively to fulfill their study needs.

Similarly, you can also segment your market on the basis of demographics such as age, gender, psychologies, and the lifestyle of people. Plus, under which category the app falls- Paid or free. What operating system it has used to develop, and what type of advertisement campaigns your team can follow to promote their app in a best possible manner. By understanding all these things, you’ll be able to attract your customers and generate leads.

Set your Ongoing Goals and Targets

Once you’ve identified your audience, now it’s time to set those goals you want to achieve by marketing your apps among your targeted group of customers. The goals should be flexible enough to be altered as per the demand, tastes and preferences of your customers. Plus, they should be measurable, scalable, and realistic enough to give a good browsing experience to your users.


Here are some tips developers can follow to achieve best marketing results: 

  •   Establish a Strong Media Presence: Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, where users are active can be used to as an important tool for creating a strong relationship between you and your customers. These media channels also allow developers to encourage their users to visit them and find out about new apps and services being launched. It also helps them to keep their customers engaged online. 
  • Drive Users Interest and Engagement with Your App: According to the reports, up to 22% of the downloaded apps is used once and end up making customer uninstalling the app. Hence, it’s really important for iPhone development company or an Android, to seek new ways to keep their users engaged with their creations on an ongoing basis. Companies can do so by updating software regularly, by adding new features, facilities to their apps, in short, by being as innovative as they can.

  • Increasing App Storing Rates: By Optimizing your app with good quality descriptions, reviews and keywords will help you in improving the traffic and the accessibility of your app. It makes sure that users find your app every time they search for your services.

Selection of Promotional Channels

Selection of promotional channels will help you to identify which online channel will suit best to achieve the goals of your mobile application. An effective app marketing research helps in finding out the potentials of each channel being used and understanding what profits can be derived through every single medium.

For example, using Facebook and Twitter as a medium for downloading your apps is one way of using social media platform. Increasing app downloads via SEO tools can be highly effective, as most of the people use an app downloading process through organic search.

In order to encourage more downloads, development companies can use communication mediums such as emails, to keep their users aware of your app with its latest content, features, and functions. This can be done in the form of a formal email or by simply creating one liners for your app.

Besides this, conducting a thoughtful research on different marketing tactics will help develops to reach their target of maximum profit efficiently. In order to succeed, a company should consistently look for innovative ways to promote their applications by experimenting with various tactics to identify what works and what not. It’s all about identifying and using a correct combination of different marketing mix that help developers in reaching their users and thus making an app successful.