Ponder Before Hiring An App Development Company

In this heavy techsavy space, you can find ample lot of software development firms that will boast about their productivity, efficiency and skills to develop your mobile app. But as a business owner how can you find out a highly-skilled development company that help you to pursue your creative needs, on your budget, and deliver you on time project with no cost overruns.

When compared to any business organization, an Android apps development company is extremely good as its people . The big fishes in the software development zone have the skills to easily attract and maintain competency in the development and know the perfect trick to uproot the low performing ones.

Hiring A App Development Company

As per Dmitry Karpovich, the CEO of Oxagile, a leading software development, a good mobile app development company not only employ software engineers who have earned great certifications but also skilled analyst and people who have the expertise in the rendering a strong user experience.

Hiring experts that possess a wide range of skills and abilities is what you need to boost your business , this is because they need to build phenomenal mobile apps in all the major operating platform–be it iOS, Windows Phone. Android.

There is no mathematical formula or convention to measure competencies of a web development company. However, there are different indirect ways in order to find out the company that posses features that are necessary for your mobile app development. In this blog we are looking for some important characteristics that a web developer must posses in order to be a highly competitive web service provider.

Do the company has a good clientèle

As we know that social media is currently at its booming phase thus all the software companies have a very wholesome accounts. However, there are only few things that can appear to be useful for your and one of them are the testimonial.

Thus the very first thing a software development company what all services it can offer to its clients.

You can cross check with their clients that can attest that whether the company is credible enough to deliver the mobile app you wish to make. Do not forget to ask them all sort of experience they encountered while delivering the best development services.

Look for apps that can be tested

Do not just hire any software development company, and before doing so you need to ensure that you have come across the mobile apps that were created by them.

This is a very simple and much practiced thing. As we know that before buying a car you first take a test drive, similarly before handing over your big business project you need to make sure you know about their products and kind of services they offer. Ask them to provide you with the list of projects they have developed for the clients in the past. Do not forget to ask for live links and clients testimonials as well. You need to put in some time being a typical end use and download the apps that have built. Apart from this make sure that you spend time to educate them what all thing you need in your website and the quality you expect.

Search for a firm that works on agile

Agility is one of the most important aspect in modern age development. When discussing a company’s past and current experience, then you need to know that whether the firm offers agile development of mobile apps or not, can it easily solve the problems, and can easily take actions to the request changes. A competent software company offers to make changes very swiftly and this is what the current need to development.

Make sure to have a strong communication channel

If your hired firm do not offer you an honest and constant communication channel , then it would be difficult to bring out an app as it was envisioned to be in the first place.

As per Karpovich, “It’s critical for a software development company to keep its client updated at all times using daily status reports. App developers should use any means of communication the client wants, including onsite visits, Skype calls, and email.”

Going for a warrantee clause is one of the best practice in the development firm. You can also weigh the confidence of a firm and its products deliverance that in itself is a great opportunity for a firm, this is quite effective in the process of selection. If you have two companies and you need to choose one among them, then I suggest to pick the one that renders good warrantee, and do not rush into the decision of choosing a firm . Decide before
hand whether the company offer clauses for warrantee and they also need to guarantee whether your product gets delivered on time. Apart from this you need to look for warrantees according to which the company willingly offer bug fixes to defects or bugs after the deployment process even.

Counting on a third party firm to develop your project as you expect will lead you encounter unexpected things that can happen to you.

You might come across times when you will miss your deadline, the developed projects might not come out to be as expected which might be positive and negative , and it might happen that you can go through cost overruns.

No one can actually speculate what kind of relation you might end up having with the software development firm you will hire. However you can put in your diligent efforts to pick out the most suitable company to get a successful project development and get boost in the business.

How You Can Keep Your Android Apps Always On High Response Mode?

Keep your apps highly responsive

It’s very much feasible for Android developers to write code on Android to make the system work much faster to win the performance test from any other operating devices in the world. But still I think its often sluggish to work with high performance systems every-time that can hang or it might freeze for a significant amount of time to process every input. Which is the worst thing that can happen to your Android app’s while you are accessing it: it will alert you with the following message “Application Not Responding” or ANR dialog box.

I will introduce you guys with “What Triggers ANR” process?

All things considered, it happens that the framework shows an ANR message just on the off chance that your application is not in the slightest degree reacting for your asked message.

For instance, if there is an application that tends to hinders some of your I/O operations on UI strings that in the end will limit your framework to react to any approaching client info occasions. On the other side, it additionally may be the situation if your application is investing a lot of energy to create and expand in-memory structure, and figuring the following procedure in an amusement on your UI string. At that point, it’s basic to contemplate that such calculations are productive, yet at the same time it requires a huge investment to run the procedure.


In Android, application responsiveness has proficiently observed the procedure known as “Action Manager and Window Manager” framework administrations. Android then shows the ANR dialog box for a specific application process when it identifies one of the accompanying conditions as and when required:

  • No reaction to an information requested within 5 seconds.
  • A Broadcast Receiver still has not wrapped up the undertaking inside of 10 seconds.

You will come across millions of Android app development companies who can handle such serious issues that occurs while installing or working with Android applications. But this is not the last thing that you should look for. Find Android app development companies who offers knack of dealing with such serious issues that often occurs when you start working with apps with fantastic solutions to avoid future glitches. Prefer to work with Android app development companies who offers great advantage of developing high -quality Android applications and can simultaneously solve ANR errors side-by-side.

Steps you should prefer to avoid ANR error in Android systems

On the off chance that you are an Android client, then you may know about Android applications that regularly likes to run altogether on a solitary accessing so as to string the default “UI string” or you can say “fundamental string”. That particularly implies that application is executing its undertaking in UI string that ordinarily takes quite a while to finish any procedure in your Android triggering so as to work gadgets the message ANR dialog in light of the fact that your application is not in the slightest degree in a state to get the data occasions.

So, any method that will efficiently execute the process in the UI thread should perform the task carefully. Activities should perform every task carefully in order to set up in key life-cycle methods such as onCreate() and onResume()methods.

One of the most effective way to avoid such error is to build a worker thread to easily handle longer operations: AsyncTask class. User can easily extend AsyncTask and implement it with doInBackground() method. To post progress the changes to the user, user can easily follow a process to call publishProgress(), that will invoke the onProgressUpdate() callback method.

For example:

private class DownloadImage extends AsyncTask<URL, Integer, String> {

// Do the long-running work in here
protected String doInBackground(URL… urls) {
String savedImagePath = “/sdcard/image.jpg”;
int count;
try {
URL url = urls[0];
URLConnection connection = url.openConnection();
InputStream input = new BufferedInputStream(url.openStream(), 2048);
OutputStream output = new FileOutputStream(savedImagePath);
int lenghtOfFile = connection.getContentLength();
byte data[] = new byte[2048];
long total = 0;

while ((count = input.read(data)) != -1) {
total += count;
output.write(data, 0, count);

// publishing progress..
publishProgress((int) ((total * 100) / lenghtOfFile));

return savedImagePath;
} catch (Exception e) {
Log.e(“Error: “, e.getMessage());

return null;
// This is triggered when publishProgress() is called to notify progress in UI thread
protected void onProgressUpdate(Integer… progress) {
// This is triggered when doInBackground() is finished
protected void onPostExecute(String imagePath) {
// To execute this worker thread, simply create an instance and call execute():
new DownloadImage().execute(imageUrl);

How to Strengthen your System Responsiveness

  • If your application is performing well in the background mode on user input, then it shows that progress is being made with a ProgressBar in your UI.

  • For games specifically, performing calculations for moves in a worker thread will be of great help.

  • If any of your application takes a huge amount of time in its initial setup phase, then it indicate that loading process is in progress and will fill-up all the information simultaneously. It further indicates that application status is in progress status.

  • Use performance tools such as Systrace and Traceview to determine deadlock situation in your app’s responsiveness.

Challenges Associated With Android App Development, With Possible Solutions

Android apps are among one of the most downloaded applications on the market. In fact, there is a relentless demand for highly innovative Android-enabled apps. So, it makes sense to create one for your business organization. Besides, considering the fact that the majority of users likely spend their digital media time on mobile applications, having one for your business can help reach out to a wider audience base.

Wondering Why You Should Create an Android App?

The best part of developing an app in Android is that is likely to get published easily compared to iOS apps. Also, the apps deployed to the Google Play Store are being made available for public use within a few days unlike the Apple’s iTunes store (that take weeks to release an app). Another great advantage of an Android app is: since it is built using the Java programming language, it can port to other mobile OS (operating system).

Android Application Development Problems and Their Solution

At present, most of the developers prefer using pre-built templates and customize them to come up with a unique looking design. While this may provide you with a better way to create an app design but several challenges can make the process of application development a daunting proposition.

Through this article, I want to share you with some of the biggest challenges you will encounter when developing an Android app. Additionally, you will learn about the tactics used by Android apps development company to cope up with those challenges.

Challenges Associated With Android App Development With Possible Solutions

1. Too Many Android Versions

The biggest problem with Android is that it too many versions. Also, many new releases are being introduced in the market quite frequently. So, it becomes challenging for the development companies to use one device as the baseline for app development. Also, they need to stay up-to-date about the features that are still supported or have been discontinued from the Android versions in use. Since many users don’t upgrade their product to the latest version, it’s imperative to evaluate which version is being used by your customer base.

Solution: Any good and reliable development firm will make it a habit of studying the most modern operating system version that is extensively used by mobile users. Apart from this, ensure that your service provider is capable enough to make the app work even on the oldest version available on the market.

2. Fragmented Hardware

It is easy to develop an app for the Apple devices, as you only need to focus on building an app that will work only on three devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod. But that’s not the case with Android OS, which can run on several devices like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and many more. And so, there is no standard device size for which you can build an app. Also, you will have to spend additional time in incorporating built-in features in your app (like Camera, GPS, Push Notifications, etc.) that may exist or not on a particular mobile device.

Solution: Ensure that your development partner is doing research on the most popular Android devices, and must test the app on those devices to see if they are working fine or not. Another possible workaround to this situation is that hardware manufacturers should include all essential features in Android powered devices.


No doubt, developing an Android app is an easy task and has a lot of benefits. Primarily, the open-source nature of the operating system saves developers from developing mobile applications from scratch. But as nothing is perfect, even developing an Android app has issues that you need to deal with to come up with the result-driven solution.

Apple vs Android: A Look at the Smartphone War

It’s been nine years since the niche brand Apple released the iPhone for public use. The launch of the first Smartphone changed the way people used mobile phones. However, soon after the advent of Google’s Android operating system (OS), more and more mobile apps were developed that offered features that weren’t available in the iOS apps.


Even after years, there’s a war of words brewing between Android and iOS admirers over choosing the best OS. In this article, we’ll be looking at what
started the war between the two giants (i.e. Apple and Android). Also, we will look at the current market position of both the operating systems.

How the war between Apple and Android started?

At the time when Apple’s iPhone was introduced, many people complained about the restrictions that was imposed by Apple on using the device. The biggest problem that people encountered was inability to copy songs without having the iTunes store downloaded on their iOS-enabled device.

Also, iPhone users were not allowed to connect to any other Bluetooth devices except for the ones built by Apple. And most important of all, users couldn’t make changes and modify the system to enhance their experience. What’s more? Finding credible iPhone app developers for hire proved a challenging task for users.

Because of all of the aforementioned downsides, Google thought of developing an open source operating system such as Android. The launch of Android OS changed the mobile ecosystem. An increasing number of users started investing in making apps for the Android devices due to the friendly environment that the Google Play Store offered to users.

The war to provide better services and experience to users resulted in eliminating other mobile brands such as Blackberry and Nokia from the market, due their failure to cope up with the continually changing trends. Even though, Microsoft Windows Mobile entered the mobile landscape, but wasn’t able to create a dominant position like the Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android phones.

What’s the current market scenario?

While some say that Android has won the war by holding the maximum share in the Smartphone market compared to Apple, many iPhone providers think otherwise.
After analyzing the reports, it’s true that Android dominates the Smartphone market with 51.4 percent share, and Apple ranked second with 44.2 percent share. In addition, Android imposes less restrictions on publishing an app. On the other hand, an iOS app may take time to get published, since it undergoes rigorous testing before getting published.

Even today, Windows and other operating systems are not seeing much growth compared to Apple and Android operating systems. However, deciding which one of two OS giant wins is difficult, as both of them are good on their part.

Wrapping Up!

It’s been a decade since the war between the two mobile giants Apple and Android began. But, still you can find people debating over choosing the best mobile platform. And, there isn’t a clear winner. Which one platform you choose depends on your own personal preferences.

Exploring The Journey Of Applications

New apps and mobile devices are launched every now and then. The mobile marketplace is jam packed with a range of mobile devices featuring various screen sizes, platforms and technologies. Similarly, there are a variety of applications that are compatible with these devices. Both the web applications and mobile application have garnered immense popularity over the last few years. It would be interesting to have a glance at the evolution of applications.

Both Google Android and Apple iOS have become the most preferred mobile platforms. The majority of companies is investing in these platforms and developing requisite applications to boost their businesses. For ensuring a surefire application they prefer to hire iOS app developer or Android app developer, whichever best suits their need. There are several professional developers available out there, one can easily search for an adroit developer and outsource the development job to him.

Exploring The Journey Of Applications

Without any further ado, let’s ponder into the evolution of applications.

  • Web Applications

Earlier, the web applications were not that effective and worthwhile. In fact, most of the web pages were static. Clients were required to establish a connection with the server to send the request for the data, and once the server responds to the client’s request by sending the appropriate data, the connection was terminated. Since, high-end technical support wasn’t there, the data sharing wasn’t speedy. This certainly didn’t encourage people to support their business seriously on the web.

However, with the advancement in the web technologies and the advanced versions of HTML, we are eventually able to reap the benefits of the enhanced web applications. The development of the Java language by Sun Microsystems has played a great role in enhancing the web applications. Since, Java is a platform-independent language, it made a much sought after choice for most of the developers. Then, Netscape unveiled JavaScript, which complemented Java while making development easy, even for the non techies. The development of JavaScript facilitated developers to deal with user interactions proficiently and tweak the web pages in a desired fashion.

Many things have changed in the web arena in the past few years. However, the principles of the way web applications work is still the same. Today also the browsers request the servers for the data, but the process has been dramatically improved, which delivers an optimal browsing experience. The web browsers have become powerful enough to support numerous top-notch features and functions with a flair.

  • Mobile Applications

A mobile application can be defined as a software application that runs on handy devices like tablets, smartphones, etc. Today, mobile apps have become an integral part of the life. Most of us are directly or indirectly dependent on mobile applications either for simple or complex task. In fact, there are many mobile applications that have made it easier to lounge around and enjoy amazing gaming apps to pass the free time. There are tech giants like Google, Apple, and others who are maintaining the application stores, namely, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc., respectively. These stores have a whopping number of mobile applications included under suitable categories. You can easily access the stores and download the requisite application.

The web based applications are easily accessible to most of the smart devices; however, mobile applications are compatible with particular mobile devices. Like, Android apps will run on the Android device on the supported version of the platform; similarly, iOS apps will run on iPhones or other iOS-powered device that support the functions.

  • Cloud Application

An application program that can be accessed from any web-enabled device in known as cloud application. These types of applications make a viable choice for enterprises, as they help boost productivity while ensuring data security and accessibility ease. Moreover, these applications can also work in offline mode. Since, these apps are performing great,it can be anticipated that their demand will elevate in the future.

In this article, I have shared some facts about the evolution of applications. While keeping the current trends and user behavior in mind, it can be anticipated there will be more improvements in this field in the coming time.

Ultimate Reasons That Make UI & UX Design Vital For Mobile Apps

The UI – user interface and UX – user experience are the two crucial aspects of design. Whether you are designing for mobile or desktop, compromising on any of these aspects will ruin all your efforts. Thus, it is worth learning the UI and UX design principles before beginning any mobile project.

There are myriads of mobile apps already available in the market so if you are interested in a mobile application and wants to ensure its surefire success, it is advisable to hire a skillful professional. There are numerous companies that offer mobile applications development services at competitive prices. You can research for a suitable service provider and get a requisite application that can stand out in the pool of applications.

ui and ux

If you are wondering that what makes UI and UX design essential for the success of a mobile application, I have uncovered a few of the compelling reasons to support the same. Let’s ponder into them and learn the importance of a prolific design for a mobile application.

Reason 1. To avoid app abandonment: The mobile users are more impatient than desktop users. The analytics even say that a mobile application has only three seconds to impress a user. If your application fails to rivet the users, they will abandon your application and choose your competitive application. Thus, it is more than imperative to strategically plan a visually appealing and meaningful design; otherwise, you can lose your potential customers.

Reason 2. To elevate the retention rate: If your application will have a conspicuous design, it will surely help you keep your users engaged for longer and improve the conversions. This can eventually boost your business profits while elevating the retention rate of your users.

Reason 3. To increase the business profits: With a well-designed application, you can generate sales and leads effectively. Your users can understand the application with ease and navigate through it with a flair, which will certainly allow them to instantly accomplish their task. On the contrary, a complex interface can make it arduous for users to navigate through the application and perform a requisite action. This can force them to abandon the application and choose some relatively simple application.

Reason 4. To gain the visibility: The application store optimization (ASO) plays a pivotal role in ensuring a greater visibility of an app on the market. If you want your application to hit the store and go viral upon release, a captivating and interactive design is a must. Since, ASO includes the display of the application screenshots and video, your visitors will be able to visualize the interface and UX of your application before even downloading it. And due to the fact that visual content is more powerful than texts, one must invest in valuable time and efforts to make the design as mush impressive and intriguing as possible.


These are a few of the noteworthy reasons that make show how a brilliantly designed mobile application with an awesome UI and UX design can benefit your company and help you take your business a notch higher. You can search for a competent designer who possess a great experience in creating invaluable app designs without compromising on the app functionality. Since UI and UX are two different design principles, you may even choose to hire a different professional for each if your budget allows so.

Moreover, it is also essential to thoroughly check the portfolio, client testimonial and scrutinize the previous mobile app projects designed by the chosen professional. This will help you make a viable choice and invest in an expert who is ideal for your project.

Why Indian iPhone App Developers Are Preferred

The Apple iPhone is a marvelous device that is extolled for its superior benefits. Thanks to the painstaking efforts made by Apple to incessantly improve the performance of the iPhone with its each iteration. Today, the Apple iPhone possesses a gigantic user base and the ultimate benefits of the flagship.

The growing popularity of the platform encourages businesses to develop iPhone applications either for consumers or their enterprise to take their business a notch higher. For this, several businesses are looking for suitable iPhone application development service in India. There are numerous reputed mobile development companies in India that have skillful iPhone developers who can develop requisite iPhone applications with a flair.

If you are still not convinced why Indian iPhone app developers make a much sought after choice, here are a few of the benefits of hiring them.

iphone developers

  • Efficient and Affordable – Unlike other nations like the US and UK, where investing in an app development service can burn a hole in your pocket, the Indian developers can be hired at a reasonable price. Most importantly, they have expertise, which make them highly competent in the market.

  • Skillful and Innovative – Looking for professionals from another country like India can help you have creative and distinct application idea. Since Indian developers are not from your culture, you will probably get a unique and useful app idea from them.

  • Save Your Tax – The Indian government is encouraging foreign investors in India by reducing their taxes, especially in the IT sector. Thus, if you need an iPhone application, hiring an adroit iPhone developer from India makes a lucrative choice.

  • Less Risk – Most of the iPhone developers in India have the requisite knowledge of the field with standard Computer Science education done from one of the best educational institutes in the area. This attenuates the risk certainly.

  • Project Assistance – Seeking an assistance from Indian developers isn’t an arduous job. Most of the professionals there offer support services for 24/7 so you can easily get their virtual assistance as and when desired. They ensure professionalism while dealing with services like virtual assistance.

  • Tech Savvy – Surveys and analytics have depicted that the Indian markets sell over 10 million tech products every year and the number is rapidly increasing. So, assuming that Indian iPhone developers are tech savvy is not wrong.

  • Manage Resource Effectively and Efficiently – Hiring only one proficient professional is enough to handle multiple iPhone app development tasks. This is so because with the fabulous social engagement of adept Indian professionals, you can easily get a team of professionals to accomplish the requisite tasks.

  • Quality Control – Many people think that working virtually on a project can’t allow them scrutinize the project quality. However, today, a whopping number of businesses are running virtually, making it convenient for one to control the app quality.

  • Reliable Security Practices – There are numerous ways to ensure the security of sensitive project info. Non Disclosure Agreement is just one of them. The Indian iPhone developers are quite flexible in signing such agreements and deliver a surefire result while adhering to the deadlines.

  • Seamless Communication – A vigorous growth in the virtual communication has been observed in the recent years. India being an advanced nation supports high end technology. Thus, one needs to worry about the communication with Indian developers. You can easily track your project’s progress by flawlessly communicating with the professionals working on your project.

  • Simple Payment Methods – Most of the Indian iPhone developers entertain various payment methods, including Online bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill and so forth. Therefore, you won’t face any issues in processing payments.


The above-mentioned reasons are just a few of the compelling points that make Indian iPhone application developers a perfect choice for outsourcing the app development task. However, it is imperative to research thoroughly and ensure a reliable and reputed professional before signing any agreement. You must review their portfolio and client testimonials beforehand. In fact, it is also advisable to download and analyze the previous applications developed by that professional to make sure that the chosen expert is perfect for your project.

Exploring The Performance Of The Android Lollipop

Google Android is a powerful mobile operating system that is giving a cut-throat competition to the Apple iOS, which was also popular as the forerunner of the touchscreen mobile industry. Google has dramatically improved the platform with advanced technologies and top-notch features. The skyrocketing growth in the performance of this open source platform has helped it garner immense popularity across the globe.

This amazing platform has incessantly improved with its successive iterations. Today, there are innumerable Android powered devices. In fact, stats depict that Android has over 70% of the total mobile market shares. You can image what kind of exposure an Android application can offer you. Thus, it is advisable to seek a reliable and adroit Android app development company, and hire their suitable development service to ensure a prolific application. There are several development companies out there that support app development outsourcing. Run a thorough research and invest in a result-driven service.


The Android Lollipop version is not released recently, but it can successfully over a year now. The latest Nexus devices support the Android 5.1.1 version, which addressed many pitfalls that annoyed the users when they tried the initial version 5.0 in the year 2014. While the interface of the platform is pretty same as it was when Lollipop was initially released. However, small amendments were made in the platform to deliver enhanced performance and augment the user experience.

Let’s have a look at the performance of the Android 5.1 Lollipop.

  • Native HD voice calling and Dual SIM compatibility

If your network career supports High Definition voice calling, and runs Android 5.1, the HD voice calling will be native to your device. Thus, upgrading to the latest Android version will make the calls clearer and more enjoyable. Currently, there are not much device with those carriers that support this fabulous feature. However, it is anticipated that the number of HD voice calling compatible devices will elevate in the future.

  • Better Notifications

In Android 5.1, you can see heads up notification. While using an application if any notification appears on the screen, you an dismiss it from the screen
by swiping it up simply. However, this won’t remove it from the status bar and notifications shade. This may not be a huge enhancement, but it can be a gift for gamers.

  • Pin the screen

The “Screen Pinning” is yet another fantastic feature that Android 5.1 offers. With this great feature, one can ensure that only single application is running on the screen at a time. Thereby, preventing the accidental switch to another application, or accidentally sending the active application in the background. One can use this feature to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted access to an application.

Moreover, this feature also offers the benefits of parental control. For instance, you can hand over your device with Screen Pinning toggle “ON” to kids while ensuring that they can’t access other data on your device.

To enable this feature, you just need to navigate to the Settings app, access the Security tab, tap on Screen Pinning (which is present under the heading – “Advanced”). Simply toggle on the screen pinning option.

  • Enhanced Security

The “Device Protection” feature has been incorporated in the Android 5.1. When this feature is enabled make your device totally useless for an unauthorized user. Since, it demands genuine Google login certification to unlock the even if you have done a factory reset (it is a software restore that brings the device to its original state by deleting all the stored info), it doesn’t allow a thief or an unauthorized access to the device.


The update 5.1 has been only observed in the Nexus devices. Its performance is yet to be observed on other devices, including HTC, Sony, Samsung and so forth. However, its preview on Nexus proves that it is only going to deliver an outstanding experience on other devices as well. Rest, let’s see what the future holds in its hand.

Exploring The Future Of Mobile Payments And Watches

It has to be said that Apple has dramatically improved its products and is consistently making efforts to deliver the best and latest features to the world. The Apple iPhone is the forerunner of the touchscreen industry. The way it is improved with its each iteration, it has tremendously gained popularity across the globe. Today, the iOS powered devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and so forth have a formidable fan following.

Keeping the advanced features of iOS devices and its gigantic user base in mind, businesses look for iPhone app developer for hire to develop a suitable application to augment their business. This is has certainly elevated the demand for iPhone professionals. Thankfully, today, there are truckloads of adept iPhone developers are available out there who offer prolific development services. One can easily seek a suitable service provider without making painstaking efforts.


Let’s learn how the high devices and technologies offered by its latest products will impact our lives.

The Apple Watch and Apple Pay are really the game changers. These devices have significantly improved the way one can solve the problems.

Apple Watch

The release of the Apple Watch has impacted the complete industry. It possesses several astonishing features that make it an incredible device. A few of them are deciphered below.

  • Feature-rich watch – The Apple Watch will not only display the time like any other watch, but it is an intelligent time display device that is context sensitive. For instance, it can track the location via the built-in GPS and accordingly display the time, even if you are traveling from a time zone to another. And since, it easily gets synchronized with your calendar, it shares the suitable alerts seamlessly and helps you stay updated for the upcoming events.

  • Multiple watch faces for personalization – Unlike the traditional watches that come with a particular band and face, Apple Watch is an integrated software and hardware device that comes with a huge variety of faces that can be personalized in a desired fashion. You can make it appear either like a mechanical watch, stop watch, digital watch or any other kind that best suits your taste. It, thus, can be said that it offers infinite options for personalization.

  • An innovative Digital Crown is a digital input device – The traditional crown is leveraged in Apple Watch. It has been integrated with the hardware and seamlessly synchronized with the OS powering the watch. The crown, thus, acts as an input device. It makes scrolling and zooming easy with the rotation of the Crown only. The digital crown helps deliver a fabulous Apple Watch experience.

  • Offers a Wallet in the Watch – It is a powerful device that features the Apple Pay to support a secure payment method. There are several retailers who have already adopted this technology. However, the number of its users is expected to further increase in the coming future.

Apple Pay

Apple is expanding its reach to several markets, Health Kit is a great example how it has taken health and fitness to another level. In a similar way, it has entered into the payment market with the Apple Pay. It has amazingly revolutionized the mobile payments.

The payment market is dominated by card payments, but the PayPal, Square, Google and more such players are trying best to attain the trust by offering a secure, reliable and effortless payment system with a card-less payment methods. Apple believes that with the Apple Pay, it has tried to solve the common mobile payment issues to a great extent. However, the success of this feature greatly depends on its adaptability by Apple customers as well as retailers.

A message to developers

Apple Watch has a great potential to support various applications and augment Internet of Things. At the time of its release only, we have seen examples how one can use his Apple Watch to unlock a door, set the temperature of a thermostat, seek transit direction, and a lot more. With the Watchkit, it has offered a great set of opportunities for developers to develop Apple Watch specific applications. Developers are reaping the benefits of this advanced device and its powerful features.

The Apple is an innovative brand that keeps rolling top notch products and features in the market to entice users and further expand its consumer base. It can be observed that every new release of the Apple products in the market receives great warmth and attention from the users across the globe.

Want to Build a Mobile App? Do Keep These Things in Mind

According to the latest statistics on mobile usage by Smart Insights, 89 percent of of the mobile media time is spent on mobile applications compared to mobile websites.


The above statistics clearly indicate that building a mobile app for your users can help extend your reach to a large audience base. If you’re planning to build an app for mobile users, then you will most likely become confused and perplexed about choosing the mobile platform on which your app will run.

When it comes to choosing an app platform, iOS and Android are two of the most dominating platforms that are extensively used by webmasters across the globe for developing mobile applications.

However, in this article, I will be sharing with you some important considerations concerning the Android app development. But, going further, let us understand the reasons as to why developers and individuals often prefer Android platform over Apple’s iOS platform.

Why You Should Choose Android As Your App Development Platform?

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Android can be attributed to the customization flexibility it provides. Most importantly, unlike Apple strict guidelines on publishing a mobile app, Android app store is less restrictive in terms of publishing an application. Moreover, you don’t have to wait long for getting your Android app published on the Google Play Store – that might not be the case with Apple’s iTunes app store.

What’s more? In order to create an Android app, you only need to become familiar with the Java programming language, which is known to most of the developers. However, to create an iOS-enabled application, you need to gain knowledge about advanced languages such as Objective C or Swift.

In order to develop an iOS app, developers are required to make use of a MAC system. In contrary, you can develop Android apps on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

Things to Consider When Developing an Android App

With millions of Android apps available in the Google Play Store, it is quite challenging to make your own app noticed among your target audience. And so, it is imperative that your app contains unique and/or advanced features to drive users’ attention.

If you have a limited budget, but want to build a brilliant Android app with exemplary features, then search for a reputed Android app development company India. There are several recognized companies in India that provide app development outsourcing services, giving individuals and business organizations the opportunity to develop a great app within their budget.

However, to avoid becoming a victim of a fraudulent app development company, keep the below considerations in mind:

  • Make sure that your choice of service provider contains a professional website. In addition, check out each section of the site closely to ensure the authenticity of the company and to ascertain that it is not making any fraudulent claims. For instance, read testimonials or reviews posted on the site. Plus, check out their work samples and so on.

  • Conduct a test for your team of developers to observe if their skill set can help meet your project needs or not.

  • Try approaching previous clients of the company and ask them about their experience. This will help in identifying whether you can trust the company or not.

  • Lastly, browse the web to find more about the company, including any remarks or reviews posted by users.


Hope that this article will help you turn your app development venture into a successful one, enabling you to come with a winning Android application.