Worthy Resources That Can Help You Develop Android Apps For Free

No doubt, Android has become the most popular mobile platform as it possesses the maximum market shares. Google has dramatically improved its performance and it is rapidly growing with advanced features and a huge audience base across the globe. For this reason, several mobile companies are releasing gadgets powered by this prolific mobile Operating System.

Develop Android Apps For Free

There are truckloads of Android applications available in the app market, and numerous apps are released on a daily basis. You can also reap the benefits of gigantic Android user base, by developing a suitable Android application. To ensure a sustainable success in this wobbly marketplace, you should be creative and trendy enough to hold the interest of your target audience. And, an Android app developer can definitely help you accomplish the task with an absolute precision and deliver a successful application.

However, if you don’t want to seek guidance or assistance by investing in a hefty amount to hire a professional, here are certain superlative resources that can help you develop a desired Android application with a flair. Most importantly, these resources don’t charge any amount and facilitate agile app development.

Resources That Allow One To Create Android Apps For Free

1. Apps Geyser

Apps Geyser is a free Android app development service provider that helps one to efficiently create an app and generate a great revenue while boosting his business values. It streamlines the application development process in a few simple and easy steps. By clicking on the create an application button, it offers a list of options to choose a preferred category for which you would like to develop an application. Then, simply follow the further steps and create a requisite application.

The service also allows one to monetize an app by including advertisements and thus, helps one to accentuate his profits. With this service, you can even share your app on major social networks. This feature further adds to its credibility and make the service provider stand ahead of its competitors. You can easily manage your Android application by using the platform offered by App Geyser.

2. Appy Pie’s Android App Builder

This is yet another free Android application development service provider. You can easily develop your apps online with this platform. It supports drag and drop features that lets one to efficiently design the interface in a desired fashion. Moreover, you don’t need to code while using this service. Just follow the steps included in it process and you will instantly get a working app as soon as the steps will be accomplished.

3. AppYet

Whether you possess expertise in any programming knowledge or not, AppYet is a brilliant service provider that buttress rapid application development. You can easily professional Android application by using this service provider. It only needs certain links to website or RSS, and it will then automatically transform the provided URL into a stunning native Android app. You can also embed ads in your app to make money and share your app across the globe.

There is no doubt that these service providers can guarantee a free app development, which can be accomplished in a little time. However, if you want to embrace specific features to efficiently cater to your business needs, it would be better to seek an Android app development company that has an invaluable experience in the field. Fortunately, there are numerous app development companies out there that offers proficient services and have adroit developers who are well updated with the ongoing trends and market demands. Therefore, they can definitely help you create an outstanding application.

It is essential to thoroughly research before hiring a service of an app development organization or dedicated professional. You must review his portfolio and client testimonials to analyze and determine if the chosen developer or company is best suitable for your project or not.

An Insight Into The Multitasking In Android Application Development

Image 1The open-source mobile platform, that is Android has garnered great popularity in the past few years. It has been into a fierce competition with the Apple iOS platform that has been the forerunner of the touchscreen industry. The Multitasking is one of the most significant attribute of the Android, which has greatly contributed to the success of this platform.

Indubitably, with the ultimate leverages of Android application development services, applications can efficiently support multitasking. However, to reap its benefits, it is essential to understand the platform behavior, prior diving into the app development platform. Since, there are certain limitations associated with the application development, these must be kept in mind to ensure a functional and remarkable product. These limitations have facilitated developers to seek effective solutions that support multitasking.

Here are a few restrictions that must be considered while developing a mobile application possessing multitasking.

1. The mobile application must be lightweight and agile in nature. Most of the mobile devices don’t exhibit a huge memory space. The available memory is substantially less than the amount of RAM needed for app development. Thus, in order to avoid this issue from creating bottlenecks in your app success, it is advisable to ensure a lightweight and feature-rich app development.

2. Since, the mobile users are often less patient, asking them to click done after accessing an application won’t be a viable choice. For instance, there could be a case that a user will need to access an application quite often but only for a small time span while accessing another app. Thus, asking for done application after each access could annoy your app users.

3. Switching from one app to another must be smooth and seamless. If a mobile user is not able to instantly switch from an application to another, there are great chances that soon he/she will abandon that app. Mobile are likely to access thing on the go and in a quite hurry as compared to the desktop users. Thus, if they are not able to access an information as and when desired, they may get annoyed.

4. While accessing an application if another application has been accessed, then the user must be able to resume the heretofore running application from where he/she has left. For example, if a user is accessing the Facebook application and in between a text message has arrived, user must be able to switch to seamlessly switch to messages and then back to that last accessed Facebook page.

If you opt to hire Android developers, there might be a possibility that a common issue might occur that often creates misunderstanding while developing an application with multitasking. It is the confusion between process and application. Most of the developers often get confused between the two terms. An application may or may not possess a process, however it can also support multiple processes. Moreover, multiple applications can share a common process as well. Create the app process wisely while developing a multitasking app.

To achieve multitasking, one needs to support the simultaneous execution of multiple applications. However, the above mentioned factors are needed to be kept in mind to ensure a smooth and consistent user experience on mobile devices. And, Android platform has been designed to augment multitasking in an efficient fashion.

6 Best Android applications that facilitate web designing

cobaaufwdThere are truckloads of applications in the repository of Android applications (including the Google Play Store or any other store). These stores offer apps to cater diversified domains like business, entertainment, education, and a lot more.

For the folks who are looking for an effective Android application development services that can make web designing a heck lot easier, they can also get appropriate apps to accomplish their task with greater convenience and enhanced creativity.

Let’s have a look at some of its the best applications for web designers.

1. Magic Color Picker: Now, making color selections won’t be a tedious job anymore. This app features seven different color models including, RGB, YUV, HSL and HSV that allow web designers to pick a requisite color by sliding through the plethora of options. The resourceful color selection tool even allows user to blend colors to create a unique and desired color shade; one can use either sliders or palettes to adjust accordingly and mix the colors.

2. CSS Reference: While working with CSS code, one often needs to certain assistance or reference. With this Android application, you can seek guidance anytime and anywhere. It offers brilliant knowledge that facilitates web designers to accomplish their job. This app epitomizes the chunks of CSS codes, thus you can directly pick the requite code and complete your project. Hence, this app serves as a smart and handy alternative to the programming books.

3. WiFi Keyboard: If you wish to attach an external keyboard with your Android device like the Nexus 5, you can easily connect a real keyboard by using this application. It facilitates hassle-free, reliable connection and allows users to type in their mobile device via a keyboard connected to a PC.

4. WebRank SEO: Looking for a convenient way to access the marvelous web service – WebRankStats service, WebRank SEO is a native Android app that is perfect for you. It facilitates access over the extensive optimization data, with Alexa rank, Google page rank, etc., that can help you in a lot of ways. This app features a complete set of SEO tools, it thus, allows users to analyze the site SEO on the go; moreover, the integrated Sociometer enables users to keep tabs on your social media activity.

5. WordPress for Android: Get control over your WP blog via your Android device by using this handy application. It allows one to manage the web content, and its layout on the go. This mobile apps development services facilitates users to write content, edit it, publish images, check stats, and much more.

6. WebMaster’s HTML Editor: Carry the HTML editor in your pocket with this effective application. This source code editor is ideal for web designers and developers, as it facilitates a set of webmaster tools like HTML editor, CSS editor, PHP editor, JavaScript editor and text editor. Moreover, it also offers syntax highlighting, code completion, preview via virtual keys and keyphrases. For added versatility, it supports multiple file formats including, js, xml, html5, css, php5, txt, etc.



The above mentioned are a few applications that are designed to help web designers to pave their path towards success with ease. Use the appropriate application to conveniently design a unique and innovative web page and stand apart from your competitors.