Features Android N Has In Store For The Users

There is news that says that Android’s upcoming OS might be named after Kerala made sweet and there are reports according to which Google is going out to public to get a poll so as to name the new Android N version of Google’s smart operating system. Further, it was seen that official Twitter page of Kerala tourism ministry’s asked people to cast their vote to “Neyappam” for naming the next OS.

As per reports, Sundar Pichai announced that Android N could be chosen via an online poll while he visited India in December 2015.

Android is well known to choose popular names of sweets such as Lollipop, KitKat, Marshmallow and Ice Cream Sandwich, name its Android versions and if everything will go well according to Kerala tourism ministry, India probably gets its first listed sweet. This is certainly great news for each and every leading Android development company, but its features are also giving a thought to the competitors as well. Here you will get to know about all the anticipated features of Android N.


1. Multiple Window: We know that Android N offers a choice for a multi-window screen that allows the user to access more than one apps simultaneously at a time. This is possible with the help of multi- window as this allows you to do the multitasking job.

2. Bundled notification and direct reply: This API renders post notifications to the users that have the highest visibility & interactivity. This helps you to get to know more subject line at a single point of time in the notification area. You get to receive the notification in a bundle and give then straightforward reply.

3. A new element for easy accessibility: Android N comprises of other highlights for screen zoom which is an element present in the accessibility area. It renders quite a clear impression that makes the screen quite bigger and does not demand much attention from the users.

4. New plan for saving your data: Not everyone has gone through the complete information so as to arrange as quick as reasonably expected. Android N comprises of instrument that helps in settings. Now when you turn on Data Saver highlight into your settings, thus you are allowed to save your data plans at places where it is possible.

This helps you to block the extra data usage that happens due to a background, along with this the users get an option to whitelist all the applications that are needed for the setting of the Data Saver.

5. Language no bar: Android N is evolving to give people a choice when it comes to location and language is quite an improved way, quite importantly for application developers. Apart from this, there is no great reason to stretch your limits and adopt only the default language, as users are now given a choice to pick up their preferred language as per regionalization.

6. Directories get more secure through access control: Android N presents the modified element as a scoped directory that has improved the security of your data or any folder.

7. TV recording: Due to this Android N, the user also gets the option to store the videos which are present at one or more than one session at once. This also means that you are allowed to schedule the recordings to watch it later.

8. Faster management & setting: Google has also included a“Just- In Time compiler” to the Android Runtime so as to properly improve the working process of your running your Android applications. This has improved the installation process of the application quicker and also makes the reboots of the system upgrades quite quick along with quite a clever and quick setting.

Along with this, the new features unveiled in developer preview are:

1. New Graphics API: This new Android operating system offers you Vulkan graphics API as this platform renders quite nice representation execution performance.

2. Shortcuts for App launching: Android N is a platform that allows applications to give various alternatives to the app launchers. This allows your application to choose up to five alternate ways. This makes it quite easy for the developers to work on Android N.

3. High interactivity using Emojis present for Android N User: Android N offers an all new set of Emojis, which is quite individual and do not look like Muppet blobs. This makes it easy for the users to enjoy their conversation using several living creatures to express their views.

One of the most important thing that we need to know is that these features are subjected to change, and the final launch of the operating system is yet to come, and all these features were launched as per the developers preview that unveiled on 9 March.

Let’s see what will come to us, waiting in anticipation!

How You Can Keep Your Android Apps Always On High Response Mode?

Keep your apps highly responsive

It’s very much feasible for Android developers to write code on Android to make the system work much faster to win the performance test from any other operating devices in the world. But still I think its often sluggish to work with high performance systems every-time that can hang or it might freeze for a significant amount of time to process every input. Which is the worst thing that can happen to your Android app’s while you are accessing it: it will alert you with the following message “Application Not Responding” or ANR dialog box.

I will introduce you guys with “What Triggers ANR” process?

All things considered, it happens that the framework shows an ANR message just on the off chance that your application is not in the slightest degree reacting for your asked message.

For instance, if there is an application that tends to hinders some of your I/O operations on UI strings that in the end will limit your framework to react to any approaching client info occasions. On the other side, it additionally may be the situation if your application is investing a lot of energy to create and expand in-memory structure, and figuring the following procedure in an amusement on your UI string. At that point, it’s basic to contemplate that such calculations are productive, yet at the same time it requires a huge investment to run the procedure.


In Android, application responsiveness has proficiently observed the procedure known as “Action Manager and Window Manager” framework administrations. Android then shows the ANR dialog box for a specific application process when it identifies one of the accompanying conditions as and when required:

  • No reaction to an information requested within 5 seconds.
  • A Broadcast Receiver still has not wrapped up the undertaking inside of 10 seconds.

You will come across millions of Android app development companies who can handle such serious issues that occurs while installing or working with Android applications. But this is not the last thing that you should look for. Find Android app development companies who offers knack of dealing with such serious issues that often occurs when you start working with apps with fantastic solutions to avoid future glitches. Prefer to work with Android app development companies who offers great advantage of developing high -quality Android applications and can simultaneously solve ANR errors side-by-side.

Steps you should prefer to avoid ANR error in Android systems

On the off chance that you are an Android client, then you may know about Android applications that regularly likes to run altogether on a solitary accessing so as to string the default “UI string” or you can say “fundamental string”. That particularly implies that application is executing its undertaking in UI string that ordinarily takes quite a while to finish any procedure in your Android triggering so as to work gadgets the message ANR dialog in light of the fact that your application is not in the slightest degree in a state to get the data occasions.

So, any method that will efficiently execute the process in the UI thread should perform the task carefully. Activities should perform every task carefully in order to set up in key life-cycle methods such as onCreate() and onResume()methods.

One of the most effective way to avoid such error is to build a worker thread to easily handle longer operations: AsyncTask class. User can easily extend AsyncTask and implement it with doInBackground() method. To post progress the changes to the user, user can easily follow a process to call publishProgress(), that will invoke the onProgressUpdate() callback method.

For example:

private class DownloadImage extends AsyncTask<URL, Integer, String> {

// Do the long-running work in here
protected String doInBackground(URL… urls) {
String savedImagePath = “/sdcard/image.jpg”;
int count;
try {
URL url = urls[0];
URLConnection connection = url.openConnection();
InputStream input = new BufferedInputStream(url.openStream(), 2048);
OutputStream output = new FileOutputStream(savedImagePath);
int lenghtOfFile = connection.getContentLength();
byte data[] = new byte[2048];
long total = 0;

while ((count = input.read(data)) != -1) {
total += count;
output.write(data, 0, count);

// publishing progress..
publishProgress((int) ((total * 100) / lenghtOfFile));

return savedImagePath;
} catch (Exception e) {
Log.e(“Error: “, e.getMessage());

return null;
// This is triggered when publishProgress() is called to notify progress in UI thread
protected void onProgressUpdate(Integer… progress) {
// This is triggered when doInBackground() is finished
protected void onPostExecute(String imagePath) {
// To execute this worker thread, simply create an instance and call execute():
new DownloadImage().execute(imageUrl);

How to Strengthen your System Responsiveness

  • If your application is performing well in the background mode on user input, then it shows that progress is being made with a ProgressBar in your UI.

  • For games specifically, performing calculations for moves in a worker thread will be of great help.

  • If any of your application takes a huge amount of time in its initial setup phase, then it indicate that loading process is in progress and will fill-up all the information simultaneously. It further indicates that application status is in progress status.

  • Use performance tools such as Systrace and Traceview to determine deadlock situation in your app’s responsiveness.

Summarizing the key business benefits of Android Platform for a Mobile App

Augury is a risky business, but looking at the current trends any one can foretell that the future of Android is very bright. This makes Android
app one of the most sough after and invasive tool for business development. This fact is the sole reason for the growth of all the inventive Android App Development Companies out there as business owner count on them for
their business benefits.

In this article we will discuss the benefits of building your business app on Android platform.

  • Android is one of the hot choice of developers due to its open source nature. The best part about this platform is that it offers easy tools for development and an extremely well performed Integrated Development Environment for a smooth development. Due to it’s increasing audience there has been a considerable increase in the demand for the Android app developers in the market and there is availability of various development options.
  • Android is leading operating system used by multitudes around the world. Thus, choosing Android will open a wide expanse of audience for you which will help you to improve your sales and get better returns on income.
  • Building custom mobile apps on Android is a greener pasture thus it is a one of the most preferred platform. Its development environment allows business owners to make custom made applications which perfectly fits on their requirements.
  • When it comes to cost, developing Android apps is a cost effective process for than opting in for an iOS app. It is one of the most cost effective way of creating affordable apps and reaching to wide berth of users . This is one of efficient way for improving your returns.
  • Android app development life cycle is an easy one and therefore it do not needs a long time to market the apps and this thus ensures returns in
    a very short span of time.
  • Small business owners who have a very scanty budget for online business can go for android app development due to less low development cost and thus it helps business to quickly stand gain credence in the market.
  • There are a lot of Android apps on Google Play Store which are free of cost. As customers do not invent on app unless they are quite famous thus availing mobile apps for free will help you to get the reach among the audience wide and fast. Providing the app for free of cost will help you attract more users. Further, do not forget to include a strong monetization policy which includes in-app purchase options.
  • Android OS has a several ingenious and easy to use features, which guides programmers in developing exquisite mobile applications. For instance, developers can leverage tools such as SQLite, accelerometer, magnetometer and more, to add inventiveness to their application
  • There is a stiff competition in the Android app development market field. Your business might lag behind in terms of generating revenue if you fail to maintain your potential customers. Your business thus needs people with hands on experience to maintain your competitiveness in the market.

Android OS looks promising with its popularity and user-friendliness. Businesses can get good benefit from this platform by hiring innovative Android
App Developers, to reach enormous audience base.

5 Most Popular Android Apps to keep you socially connected on-the-go

Advanced social networks allow one to share their thoughts, interests, impressions, moods or whatever one likes to with others via an interactive and interesting platform. These networks have provided one a splendid way to share stuff with their social connections.

With the flourishing mobile and web technology, we have gadgets that facilitate us to carry Internet in our pockets and browse the web or use ultimate apps as and when desired.

If you are an Android user, you can easily find truckloads of applications for numerous categories in the Google Play Store. And, there is no dearth social-networking apps too; let’s have a look at some of its most popular and coolest apps that facilitates convenient social networking.

1. Instagram

22Featuring amazing functions, you can click and share every special moment with this popular app. Its outstanding custom filter effects allow one to customize their images and videos with breeze. It provides artful results with quality work that you will love to share everyday moments with your loved ones. You can share images via a photo feed or can post them directly to your pals. Instagram is a must-have app.

2. Facebook Messenger

11With this reliable Android Application Development, you can Chat with your FB friends on the go, this add-on will allow Facebook users to conveniently access their FB messenger. For some devices, it also allows one to integrate their Facebook conversations with SMS. What’s more: its chat heads let one to chat while operating other applications. This app delivers great performance with outstanding features.

3. Pinterest

Stacked with creative stuff and interesting facts, this app can help you discover modern and innovative ideas. You can use this app to get new ideas for your projects, home decor, jewelery designs, wedding decor, recipes and a lot more. Pinterest has a huge number of users and thus, it offers you wide variety of options.

4. Flipboard

1Transform your social media in a magazine-style layout with this ultimate app. It will collect and display updates from around 12 social networking circles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. It also incorporates world news based on your interests. Flipboard is an all in one Android app that facilitates you a cluster of social information at a single place.

5. Social Media All In One App.

You can also avail a proficient Android Apps Developer from India as it is All rounder! This versatile app is a great pick for individual or business use. It is designed to save memory space of your Android device. With this app, one can access all the popular social media websites including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and a lot more.

Final Thought:

These magnificent tools are simply superb that helps you to keep your social media accounts updated and handle their features with great convenience. No matter where you are, these are some of the Android apps that allow one to stay socially connected. Download the suitable one and access your accounts with breeze.

5 Amazing Android Applications custom-made for Mac Users


With amazing Android Applications Development, there’s no need for you to feel left out just because you don’t own an iPhone. It’s pretty much “OK” to own a Mac. With a wide collection of Android apps available in the mobile market, you need not sacrifice your ways of loving the open source mobile operating system features. Today, in this post, I bring to you 5 amazing apps for Mac users residing in different corners of the world. So, let’s take a drive through these stunning Android apps.

Android App#1- Google Chrome to Phone


Google Chrome to Phone is a free Android app that enables you to push links, maps, phone numbers and everything else that you may need for your Android smartphone. To get this app working on your Android smartphone, you’ll need to install a Chrome browser extension on your Mac.

Android App#2-Google Gesture Search


With Google Gesture Search installed in your Android device, you can easily access contacts, settings, applications, music and bookmarks on your Android device. Google Gesture Search lets you search multilingual contents by drawing native characters for more than 40 different languages. This Android app refines the search results each time you add a new gesture. It learns from your search history to auto-populate items that you’ve already searched for in the past.

Android App#3-SyncMate


SyncMate is a perk by one of the reputable Android Application Development that syncs up your Mac and Android via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. With this app, it becomes easy to keep a good track of all your contacts, folders, calendars, Safari bookmarks and text messages. You can also use this app for synchronizing iTunes and iPhotom and further use it for mounting your Android as a new volume on your Mac.

Android App#4-RemoteDroid


RemoteDroid is an Android app that turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse. This app works via your WiFi network and acts like a touchpad for your computer. You can even use the in-built pop-up keyboard that can be used for typing in shortcuts.

Android App#5-DoubleTwist AirSync


AirSync is a wonderful Android app that works in conjunction with the doubleTwist desktop application to sync your music, photos and videos over a WiFi network. AirSync Android app has been recommended by New York Times, BBC and the Wall Street Journal.


Now you’ve them all, the 5 best Android apps custom-made for Mac users that can be also bagged, you will opt to Hire Android Developer. Hope you’d have enjoyed the collection and made your selection. With the right Android app, you can make the most of your device.

Please do share your comments on the above post.

5 Handy Android apps for people with autism

Today, autism has hit people of all age groups. Thanks to the ever-growing advancements in the field of Information Technology, there are mobile phone applications that have helped autistic patients lead a hassle-free life. Technology has actually revolutionized the way autism sufferers learn and communicate. Google’s Android has brought in a whole range of apps that are customized for educators, parents and therapists who follow multiple approaches of teaching children with autism. In this blog, I bring you a collection of 5 most popular Android Apps tailor-made for encouraging the imaginative play skills of people with the autism disorder and these are the result of best efforts of technology.

Android App No.1- A BuZoo Story

A BuZoo Story is an excellent Android app that comes with simple intuitive hand-gestures that enables the autistic population to learn and recognize animals available in a zoo. This app serves as an excellent physical learning activity that can be undertaken anytime anywhere.

Android App No.2- Autism Classroom App

Autism Classroom is a praisable Android Application Development specially designed for educators and families who have children with autism living along with them. With this app installed into the Android devices, such individuals can get a convenient access to a wealth of easy to understand information that includes meaningful lessons and activities for young children with the autism disorder. Educators and families can view an Autism Classroom Checklist that will enable them to get familiar with interactive activities ideas for children suffering from the disorder.

Android App No.3-Super Why!

Super Why! is yet another Android app that can be easily tailored availing professional specially designed for children with autism. With this app, the child can indulge in identifying letters with Alpha Pig, practice rhyming words with Wonder Red and trace letters with Princess Presto. Equipped with fill-in-the-blank games, the child gets an opportunity to develop his/her imaginative, handwriting, reading, language and vocabulary skills.

Android App No.4-Emotions and Feelings

Children with autism mainly have difficulty in recognizing emotions and facial expressions. Android’s Emotions and Feelings app utilizes a set of social stories and simple illustrations that reflect the individuality of feelings. This Android app comes handy during special education classrooms and speech therapy sessions held for autistic children.

Android App No.5-Pop Math(Lite)

Pop Math(Lite) is a customizable Android app which can be tailored with for autistic kids. This apps can be availed as per your desire and for this you just need to look for hire Android Programmers introduces these kids to basic addition associated with Mathematics. Once the child masters addition, he/she can upgrade to the full version of the app which enables him/her to learn subtraction, multiplication and division.

Wrapping Up

So that was a collection of 5 brilliant Android apps that play a crucial role in helping autistic patients perform tasks that appear impossible due to their disorder. Autistic population has an equal right to live a meaningful life and these Android apps are the tools that actually make this possible.