5 Most Popular Android Apps to keep you socially connected on-the-go

Advanced social networks allow one to share their thoughts, interests, impressions, moods or whatever one likes to with others via an interactive and interesting platform. These networks have provided one a splendid way to share stuff with their social connections.

With the flourishing mobile and web technology, we have gadgets that facilitate us to carry Internet in our pockets and browse the web or use ultimate apps as and when desired.

If you are an Android user, you can easily find truckloads of applications for numerous categories in the Google Play Store. And, there is no dearth social-networking apps too; let’s have a look at some of its most popular and coolest apps that facilitates convenient social networking.

1. Instagram

22Featuring amazing functions, you can click and share every special moment with this popular app. Its outstanding custom filter effects allow one to customize their images and videos with breeze. It provides artful results with quality work that you will love to share everyday moments with your loved ones. You can share images via a photo feed or can post them directly to your pals. Instagram is a must-have app.

2. Facebook Messenger

11With this reliable Android Application Development, you can Chat with your FB friends on the go, this add-on will allow Facebook users to conveniently access their FB messenger. For some devices, it also allows one to integrate their Facebook conversations with SMS. What’s more: its chat heads let one to chat while operating other applications. This app delivers great performance with outstanding features.

3. Pinterest

Stacked with creative stuff and interesting facts, this app can help you discover modern and innovative ideas. You can use this app to get new ideas for your projects, home decor, jewelery designs, wedding decor, recipes and a lot more. Pinterest has a huge number of users and thus, it offers you wide variety of options.

4. Flipboard

1Transform your social media in a magazine-style layout with this ultimate app. It will collect and display updates from around 12 social networking circles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. It also incorporates world news based on your interests. Flipboard is an all in one Android app that facilitates you a cluster of social information at a single place.

5. Social Media All In One App.

You can also avail a proficient Android Apps Developer from India as it is All rounder! This versatile app is a great pick for individual or business use. It is designed to save memory space of your Android device. With this app, one can access all the popular social media websites including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and a lot more.

Final Thought:

These magnificent tools are simply superb that helps you to keep your social media accounts updated and handle their features with great convenience. No matter where you are, these are some of the Android apps that allow one to stay socially connected. Download the suitable one and access your accounts with breeze.

Native Android Applications Running on Chrome OS

1Recently, Google announced that Chromebooks will run its Android application development services in the future. As Google wants to make its Chromebook an attraction point for its future apps, it’s clear that the technology giant is tapping every opportunity to make Chrome dominant for its customers.

Google Chromebooks- A Step Towards Creative Innovation and Usefulness

2Chromebooks will run the apps on the screen of their windows. They will also provide you notifications such as battery-low, and new messages will pop up immediately and get easily synchronised with Smartphones and tablets. For the users of Chromebooks, it has brought a positive wave of feelings as they’ll be able to enjoy a seamless synchronization between their Android devices and Chrome. Notifications will get popped up automatically on both the synchronized devices, without any hassle of downloading any third-party app. So, if you use Chromebook and you got a new message or your Android phone runs out of battery, you’ll be notified immediately so that you can do something for it. Not only this, notifications for incoming calls can also appear on Chromebook.

In addition to this, the users have been facilitated by reputable Android App Development Companies via Chromebook as it will also have the facility of downloading Android apps on Chromebook directly from the Google Play, and will enjoy working of these apps just the same way they would have on their phone or tablet. Some of its popular apps such as Evernote, Flipboard, and Vine were selected to show the working sample of Chromebooks. The apps in demonstration shown running inĀ  Chromebooks as well as the Android devices just like any other app. Google has also integrated its latest versions of Google docs and Spreadsheets in the Chrome OS. Such approach of developing a cross-device user-interface platform- which Apple and Windows too thinking to develop, gives Chromebook a competitive edge.

What’s More to See

Apart from apps, Google is also working to run its Google Store for Education, aimed for education purpose and started with tablet devices, to work on Chromebooks. The company is also planning to expand the education store to US K-12 Chromebook Schools as well.

If we look at Google’s keynote address leveraged by proficient Android Apps Developer India, we can see some major innovations that Google has started to experiment with. Some of them include Android TV- optimized for a better TV watching experience, Andriod Wear, Android Auto, which has been designed to work with cars and many more.

All these major announcements and demonstrations show how Google is leveraging on some new opportunities to estabilish its access on the global markets and continuously emerging as a top-most choice of its customers.