Native vs. Hybrid: Let’s face It

Like most of the entrepreneurs, you have make up your mind to develop the mobile application on cross-platform. But a question may confuse you whether to develop a Native or Hybrid app. Then this article is exclusively for you. Here we have discussed the pros and the cons of both the platform.

To start with the discussion it is important to explain what each of these apps implies. How they are significant for a professional Android development company and iOS app development company viewpoint. Broadly speaking, a native app, is a platform specific mobile application which a user can download from the App store. It works faster than hybrid applications and leverages the entire potential of the platform. A hybrid application is a mix blend of web code and native SDK elements. They are available on play store and can be downloaded on the device or access directly through a web browser.

native hybrid app development

Let’s take a deeper dive.

Native Applications

The first native application was developed in 2008. They are available in the language like Java (Android), Objective-C or Swift (iOS). Native mobile applications are uniquely built for the specific mobile operating system. These apps are installed directly on the user’s device.


1. They can work offline and does not require any cache memory or data, once downloaded.

2. They’re user-friendly and provides a simple interface to its users for any operating system.

3. Offers seamless mobile experience.

4. Security concerns are more or less the same as hybrid applications, but Android or iOS models have inbuilt security models.

5. It offers great speed to its users.


1. It does not offers cross- platform integration which means the whole app coding needs to be changed while switching to another framework.

2. They lack in regular updates because you need a professional help every time to make the slightest change in your mobile application.

3. It also requires third party monitoring, before you proceed on your app on the app store.

Hybrid application

Developing Hybrid application is smart way out for developing the mobile application. It uses cross-platform compatible technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Hybrid applications can be developed easily as compared to native apps. At the same time, hybrid apps are cheaper and offers solid user experience as it cannot hold all the features of device hardware.


1. They are adaptable to multiple platform i.e. same code can be reused for Android, iOS, and Windows platform.

2. You can change your responsive application into the mobile app within few minutes with the help of support frameworks and plugins.

3. The applications which are put on the app store can benefit the developer of being in the app store environment without developing a native application for a particular operating system.

4. It offers big open source development language support which gives huge space for support and a lot of documentation.


1. It has some functionalities which require the internet.

2. It possesses some security issues like SSL and does not provide any native security support.

3. These applications have heavy animations and sound effects which disturb the performance of the application.

4. These apps can’t be viewed without a distinct web view in different platforms.

Now that you understood everything about Native and Hybrid applications, you can decide between them which one fits your requirement. It all depends on your application features and your future plans too.

A Glimpse Of 7 Emerging App Development Trends

We can easily see that the smartphones are growing luxuriantly in the up coming years and smartphones are now growing out to be quite cheap as well as affordable, we can see that traffic on the Internet is increasing exponentially. This exponential increase in the volume of the users has resulted in making the mobile app industry quite big.

By the end of 2016, it can be seen that there would be around 10 billion devices that will be accessing Internet. For this there are certain things which an ace mobile app development company needs to follow in order to deliver top notch projects. Moreover, as business owner you also need to stay abreast with the upcoming trends that I have discussed in this blog.


1. Cross-Platform Development

When it comes to developing mobile apps we know that there is no single platform for which you need to develop your mobile app. When it comes to mobile platforms we know that Android rules due its reasonable rates, wherein when it comes to other categories such as sales and revenue we know iOS rules the market.

There is no platform specific for a mobile applications which will be no longer restricted to any particular platform. As we know that HTML5 has evolved a lot, we will see that the in future we will see ample lot of mobile application in hybrid platform and apps will be developed for all the platforms.

2. Internet of things

Technology has a great contribution is making us lazy and the best part is that there is still something better to come yet which will give a whole now transformation to how we actually work. One of the best things about IoT (Internet of Things) is that it helps us to control things through smart applications. Apple Watches, Google Glass, and there are several others that are in their incipient stages.

Nowadays we can see several great models in order to make their IoT environment run in applications such as driving cars, microwaves, and alarms that control your environment, and others. We will get to see that in time we will be allowed to see these things some more.

3. New Tools for Development

When it comes to mobile app industry we can see that there are tens and thousands of apps launched every year, and for this you get to tackle quite a lot of pressure during the launch of these apps this is something which is shortest in time period despite of accounting for an error. Businesses also require these applications in order to shape up their business as soon as possible.

For this we have app programming interfaces as well as software development kits that make it quite convenient for the developers to launch their applications in quite a short span of time. In this upcoming time span we will see more advanced version of these applications as well as software development kits.

4. Enterprise Applications

Another major trend in the web development world today is to focus on the customer apps, but going forward with the trend takes us to the Enterprise apps. As we know that enterprises now willing give away money, so as to get the kind of visitors they want in their eCommerce store. We also know that enterprises now have to get updated with latest technology, and they can get this with the help of mobile applications.

5. Services That Track Your Location

Mobile apps have grown so common and popular that we now even count on mobile apps from even slightest inch of development for stuff like even ordering groceries or calling an ordering food online as they are one of the most convenient way to accomplish this task. These types of apps easily check the location and find out the best resources present around you. Therefore, in coming time we will see a consideration surge in mobile apps that are based on location and its demand will continue to rise in customers along with enterprise domain.

6. Apps Based On Cloud Servers

In past one year we can clearly see that the number of apps are now switching to cloud computing. As we can see that everyone is now moving their databases to cloud platform and ISPs are cloud storage are encourages at quite a reasonable rate. Cloud storage is quite encouraging for the end users so as to sync as well as work on their database from any point of time and without any risk of corrupting the data. Moreover this trend is not going anywhere and will continue to stay here and this will help us to see several cloud computing applications in the near future.

7. Apps That Offer Complete Mobile Security

As now our focus has shifted more to smartphones it is becoming quite important for us as well as our dependence that we have on them so as to even access apps such as banking applications as well as other private data, wherefore mobile security, has eventually led to one of the primary concern. We can see that even in enterprises where there are breaches when it comes to data privacy can prove to be quite costly to companies, this means that the mobile security apps is soaring high in demand in years to come.

I hope that this information about mobile app development prove to be quite helpful for you in order to stay abreast with the latest technologies.

Developing Mobile Apps That Are Accepted By Global Audience

Without any doubt Mobile apps are certainly one of the most growing market in the world, and they have quite an important role which one needs to play in day to day life. We are well aware of the fact that Mobile Apps or Applications are growing bigger and we can say that one can absolutely justify its integrity. Moreover, advent of smartphones and other handheld devices such as tablets are going deeper and demands the developers to come up with more innovative ideas for developing fresh applications for various fields today.

We know that the total app revenues in 2015 reached around 41.1 billion U.S dollar and one can be expect it to reach 101 billion U.S dollar in the coming 2020. Every single mobile app development company keep on launching some app or the other. One needs to get these apps for domestic as well as international markets and it depends on several factors. In order to cover all the global opportunities one needs to come up with numerous ideas so as to come with quite effective apps.


Developing Apps that are International Is quite a Task

As per Gartner’s report which is, “Predicts 2016: Mobile Apps and Development,” that despite of having numerous options for creating, deploying as well as using mobile applications; global adoption is still not pace.

App developers now have to face several challenges that extends beyond developing mobile apps but also one needs to make sure that it gets to attracted and gets attentions from a huge audience.

One of the biggest task is to commit at least partially to the international crowd. It is quite apparent that developing mobile applications for international users is quite a tough task when compared with the developers in the domestic markets.

All in all, these apps are developed for domestic markets can also be taken into international crowd which can provide the flexibility in your app. There are several developers in the domestic market that are developing several apps that get accepted and enlisted in the international market. One of the biggest challenge faced by all the app developers is to render a universal look and feel.

As we know that we have many countries which are a good market of iphone and Android are not quite well spoken in English, therefore you need to create mobile apps that have the capability to survive in all these markets need to focus on making sure to localize them in accordance to the end users.

We need to localize the apps for different markets, and this is not only the language that needs to be localized, but even the notifications, text string, metadata, help, user policy, and several other things.

International reach is quite incredible when it comes to make sure that revenue is expanded and one of the major benefit is get tag of a global product.

One of the biggest advantage for mobile app developers nowadays is that they have the will to expand on a global platform. A Chinese development company has entered into the concept, which is standing steady and has grown luxuriantly into three main phases which is required by every developer that can help to maximize there revenue.

Nowadays, we are looking that there is considerable rise when it comes to the amalgamation of factors that ensures the app developers to have a look from their native places. We now have several app stores and distributors, that help local apps to easily get a hold on the market.

With the help of the right promotion, one can get these apps see that these apps reach to a global users. But this is possible only if these locally developed apps and supplied apps are quite fit for everyone.

Moreover the features. functions, as well as relevancy of these apps must not be a reflection of the place place where it was developed.

As per a recent study, it is speculated that till 2020, it is speculated that the global mobile subscribers globally will reach 4.6 billion which is 60 percent of the global population.

This is a great news for local app developers as they can now effortlessly connect and as well as fit into the global budgets by adopting certain strategies.

As per Juniper’s research report, it was seen that in 2015, there were about 235 billion apps were downloaded worldwide.

How to reach the Global Audience?

The main requirement for this is to program an app that not only offers a seamlessly functional app but also to ensure that it must have the ability to reach the users anywhere across the globe.

Developing globally accepted apps

Make sure to use local platform to Promote Apps

China is credible to hold 59 percent of the total app downloads talking about the download statistics of 2015. Google play is not present in China, therefore the alternative Baidu has become a popular thing there. Therefore you need to make sure that you look forward to the the right app distributor in order to reach any app distributor of that particular market.

At the End you need to deliver a great User Experience…

We are well aware of the fact that language as well as content differs with different countries and audiences, one of the most important thing is to deliver an incredible user experiences to the end users.

We have numerous platforms today such as that have the ability to transform mobile apps into different languages. However, we do not only require translation that are important to place domestic apps on a global platform.

One of the most important thing is to conduct a thorough research about what do these users be it local or international expect from a mobile app.

Make sure to alter the functions in your app that are not liked by international users. For instance, there are several countries that do not offer any Zip code. Therefore you need to have apps that can fit to those countries where multiple languages work.

Do not create apps just for only domestic users

As we are here in the world of globalization we know need apps that offers a great deal of cultural acceptance. Adaptation is one of the most requisite quality here. Developers need to focus on creating applications that cater to various need of the audiences. Apart from there are several factors such as social and cultural that need to be kept in consideration while developing an app.

Name the Apps Based On It’s Function

One of the most important factor is to name an app which is quite an important factor that helps to optimize the usage of app.

It is obviously fit to keep name an apps that depends on its function instead of giving a name that reflects a particular sector or culture.

Make sure to come up with a unique name

Stick to naming an app based on its functions

Make sure not to use a name which is already used

# One needs to stick to all the rules and regulations of Each Market

App development companies should focus in delivering a secure app user experience. Along with this, the special focus needs to be given to security as well as risk assurance.

Four Enterprise App Development Challenges and Ways to Deal With Them

Enterprises are moving beyond the BYOD model and embracing mobile application development to make themselves app-ready. According to IDC, “the enterprise apps will outstrip consumer apps in 2016”. This clearly indicates that building apps is no longer a fad but has rather become a necessity for larger organizations.

When it comes to developing enterprise applications, keep in mind that they are not just for the customers, but also prove useful to the workforce as well. Thus, any mobile app development company will need to focus on building applications keeping in mind the need of customers and workers. Furthermore, there are several other challenges that a developer will likely face during enterprise mobile app development. Referring to market statistics, you’ll get to know some relevant facts in this context. For one, “the demand for enterprise mobile apps will exceed the app development capacity to five times,” according to a survey done by Gartner Inc.


This article will help you gain knowledge of the biggest challenges associated with major enterprise app development and how they can be overcome.

1. Diversity (or Fragmentation) of Platforms

The first major challenge you will encounter when developing an enterprise app is the availability of diverse platforms. Currently, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are two of the most preferred and widely used platforms. So at the time of app creation, you need to consider specific features of both the platforms since they require distinguished expertise and coding skills to get the job done with efficiency. However, acquiring in-depth knowledge of Android and iOS platforms can be overwhelming for mobile application developers.

The best way to deal with the platform fragmentation issue is to make use of tools such as PhoneGap and others that helps in performing cross-platform app development with ease. Using such a tool, developers get the ability to deploy apps to many different devices and operating systems.

2. User Interface (UI)

Enterprise applications are, in general, used by the workers within an organization. Thus, developers often overlook the “look and feel” of the app and focus more on its functionality. After all, people using enterprise apps will be more pleased with the app helping them get their job done in a better and easier manner than how cool it looks. No doubt, aesthetics are also important, but usability holds more significance than visual appeal. But that does not mean, we can ignore aesthetics completely.

A viable alternative to developing a successful enterprise app is to create a balance between the functions and design. To do so consider making use of icons. Icons help in making the app UI useful and good looking at the same time. One significant advantage of icons is how they assist in explaining what function a button performs.

3. Security Concerns

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated with time, and thus, developers are making every possible effort in building secure apps. However, the problem arises when an app developer is required to implement security measures for protecting application that runs on multiple devices and operating systems. As security infringements are becoming more frequent, developers often fail to prevent attackers from gaining access to the enterprise data.

An excellent way to cope up with enterprise app security challenges is to limit access to the data of your organization by making the corporate network more stable.

4. Choice of App Development Approach

Before developing an app, it is necessary to decide whether you wish to build a native, hybrid, or a web app. Choosing the app development approach pose to be a challenge, especially when you need to meet the specific considerations of an enterprise.

Well, if you have budget and skills to develop an app for one particular platform (like iOS or Android or any other), you can consider building a native app. However, with BYOD approach being implemented in almost all the enterprises, you’ll need your app to be accessible on multiple devices. In that case, developing a hybrid/HTML5 app makes sense.

Wrapping Up

The rise in demand for enterprise apps brings forth several challenges. However, considering the growing need for enterprise applications among organizations, it becomes needful for developers to seek solutions to deal with the challenges that they are likely to face during enterprise mobile app development.

4 Useful Tips to Increase Customer Retention in E-commerce Mobile Apps

The growth of the e-commerce industry isn’t slowing down and is only increasing in leaps and bounds. So, it’s high time for merchants to take their e-commerce business online. Perhaps, most of you will plan on building an e-shop to reach out to your target audience. While it’s true that an e-commerce site helps expand business reach, but what’s more important is to have a mobile optimized solution to achieve success in your online endeavor.

One excellent solution that can help you get more clicks and boost conversion rate is to build an e-commerce mobile app for your store. Nowadays, every mobile app development company is building high end mobile apps that helps in retaining your existing customers by providing them, the convenience of purchasing products even on the move. But there are several key factors you need to take into account to make your mobile app increase customer retention:

mobile app E-Commerce-Business

1. Obtain Information About Your Customers That Can Influence Sales

Remember the better data you will gather about your customers, the better you will be able to serve them in the long run. Ideally, you should focus on tracking the historical customer data, which includes the product page with higher click-through rates. In short, check out which product page on your e-commerce app has been accessed by your customers often.

Also, you can collect data of customers that shows interest in any one of your marketing campaigns. You can target those clients by sending them unique offers, discounts on products, etc.

2. Send Push Notification on a Frequent Basis

Sending push notifications in the form of text, emails or newsletters are an excellent strategy that can help you build a strong the relationship with your clients. However, to keep your customers engaged with your e-commerce app, it is imperative that you send regular notifications to the clients. That’s because, it helps in keeping clients interested in your offerings.

But before you send any notifications, make sure to study your customers’ behavior towards receiving any notification. This is because some users find notifications annoying and might abandon your app.

3. Expand Your Social Media Connections

Social media channels have stood the test of time in helping retail businesses in expanding their presence in the e-commerce industry. Moreover, there isn’t any better way to connect with your customers than creating social connections. Users who “like” and/or “follow” your brand are more likely to share your product offerings with other people in their social groups. So, connecting more with such people can help you boost your app conversion rate to a great extent.

Bear in mind that social networking channels, let’s for example, consider the case of Facebook that present your posts merely to 5 to 10 percent of the total fans. And so, it’s essential for you to keep posting regularly to extend your presence to all your followers.

4. Offer Loyalty Rewards To Customers

This is considered by many as the best user retention techniques. Wondering why? The answer is simple – it’s a well-known fact that customers demand something in return for their loyalty. The same rule can be applied to your e-commerce mobile app as well. Offering loyalty rewards to your existing customers will feel them more special. This eventually would convince them to stay with your site and make purchases from it over and over again.

Remember to reward your customers on special occasions such as birthday, anniversary and other events, as it could help you build even more loyal customers who might refer your brand to other known users as well. You can reward anything such as gift cards, discount on products, etc.


In order to spread your e-commerce business via mobile app, you must focus on improving the customer retention rate. The article covers some great suggestions that will definitely help you boost customers’ attention towards your app.

Unleashing A Few Essential Facts About Android App Development

google_Chrome_androidGoogle Android is an open source mobile operating system that has garnered great popularity in the past few years. It is used in a plethora of devices, including smartphones, tablet, smart TVs, game consoles, cars, wearables like smart watches, Google glass, etc.

Today, with over 80% of total market shares, Android dominates the Smartphone OS market and passes the Apple iOS, which has been the forerunner of the touchscreen industry. According to the market trends, the Android mobile app development services are blooming at great pace. It is powered in numerous mobile devices from different manufacturers, thus, it is available on a large variety of devices. Therefore, contributing in the Android development offers one to reach a gigantic Android user base.

Google Android stands ahead of its competitors with maximum market shares and possesses a greater number of apps for any mobile OS. Over 1.3 million Android apps have been already downloaded (multiple times) from the Play Store. Moreover, there are several third party sources as well that facilitate app release, and considering them along the Google Play store, the number will increase to several billions.

Thus, by creating a remarkable app, you can earn a hefty amount. However, to make a living from the Android app development business, it is essential to ensure an innovative and trendy app that stands out in the pool of applications. The core programming language of Android is Java, you can efficiently learn the language as there are several useful resources available on the Internet. Once you will have expertise in the language, you can seek tutorials to get started. Furthermore, if you are not from a tech background and doesn’t want to delve deep into coding, you may also choose to hire some professional Android developer.

In fact, there are several app development companies that offer result-driven services at competitive prices. You may also seek a reliable and highly experienced company and hire their services to get a suitable app to leverage your business. However, it is advisable to review the quality of services offered and previous projects accomplished by a company to ensure a surefire Android application for your business.

While hiring professionals, you can make them adhere to your precise specifications and thus, ensure an app that can best cater to your business needs. By tailoring your app as per your requirements, you can efficiently reach your potential consumers and proficiently promote your products and services.

To make sure that your chosen Android application development services provider is ideal for your business, one must thoroughly research before investing in any services. There are different types of app development companies available across the globe, including freelancer Android developers. You may choose any appropriate option and boost your business productivity and enhance your business value.

Since, the Android platform allows developers to revamp the entire look and feel of an app and integrate superior functionalities, Android offers a great way to develop a creative yet highly functional app to meet the desired requirements. By keeping the aforementioned guidelines and facts in mind, you can take your business a notch higher with an astonishing Android application. Step on the Android pedal and you can observe heightened ROI and profits.

6 Best Android applications that facilitate web designing

cobaaufwdThere are truckloads of applications in the repository of Android applications (including the Google Play Store or any other store). These stores offer apps to cater diversified domains like business, entertainment, education, and a lot more.

For the folks who are looking for an effective Android application development services that can make web designing a heck lot easier, they can also get appropriate apps to accomplish their task with greater convenience and enhanced creativity.

Let’s have a look at some of its the best applications for web designers.

1. Magic Color Picker: Now, making color selections won’t be a tedious job anymore. This app features seven different color models including, RGB, YUV, HSL and HSV that allow web designers to pick a requisite color by sliding through the plethora of options. The resourceful color selection tool even allows user to blend colors to create a unique and desired color shade; one can use either sliders or palettes to adjust accordingly and mix the colors.

2. CSS Reference: While working with CSS code, one often needs to certain assistance or reference. With this Android application, you can seek guidance anytime and anywhere. It offers brilliant knowledge that facilitates web designers to accomplish their job. This app epitomizes the chunks of CSS codes, thus you can directly pick the requite code and complete your project. Hence, this app serves as a smart and handy alternative to the programming books.

3. WiFi Keyboard: If you wish to attach an external keyboard with your Android device like the Nexus 5, you can easily connect a real keyboard by using this application. It facilitates hassle-free, reliable connection and allows users to type in their mobile device via a keyboard connected to a PC.

4. WebRank SEO: Looking for a convenient way to access the marvelous web service – WebRankStats service, WebRank SEO is a native Android app that is perfect for you. It facilitates access over the extensive optimization data, with Alexa rank, Google page rank, etc., that can help you in a lot of ways. This app features a complete set of SEO tools, it thus, allows users to analyze the site SEO on the go; moreover, the integrated Sociometer enables users to keep tabs on your social media activity.

5. WordPress for Android: Get control over your WP blog via your Android device by using this handy application. It allows one to manage the web content, and its layout on the go. This mobile apps development services facilitates users to write content, edit it, publish images, check stats, and much more.

6. WebMaster’s HTML Editor: Carry the HTML editor in your pocket with this effective application. This source code editor is ideal for web designers and developers, as it facilitates a set of webmaster tools like HTML editor, CSS editor, PHP editor, JavaScript editor and text editor. Moreover, it also offers syntax highlighting, code completion, preview via virtual keys and keyphrases. For added versatility, it supports multiple file formats including, js, xml, html5, css, php5, txt, etc.



The above mentioned are a few applications that are designed to help web designers to pave their path towards success with ease. Use the appropriate application to conveniently design a unique and innovative web page and stand apart from your competitors.