5 Handy Android apps for people with autism

Today, autism has hit people of all age groups. Thanks to the ever-growing advancements in the field of Information Technology, there are mobile phone applications that have helped autistic patients lead a hassle-free life. Technology has actually revolutionized the way autism sufferers learn and communicate. Google’s Android has brought in a whole range of apps that are customized for educators, parents and therapists who follow multiple approaches of teaching children with autism. In this blog, I bring you a collection of 5 most popular Android Apps tailor-made for encouraging the imaginative play skills of people with the autism disorder and these are the result of best efforts of technology.

Android App No.1- A BuZoo Story

A BuZoo Story is an excellent Android app that comes with simple intuitive hand-gestures that enables the autistic population to learn and recognize animals available in a zoo. This app serves as an excellent physical learning activity that can be undertaken anytime anywhere.

Android App No.2- Autism Classroom App

Autism Classroom is a praisable Android Application Development specially designed for educators and families who have children with autism living along with them. With this app installed into the Android devices, such individuals can get a convenient access to a wealth of easy to understand information that includes meaningful lessons and activities for young children with the autism disorder. Educators and families can view an Autism Classroom Checklist that will enable them to get familiar with interactive activities ideas for children suffering from the disorder.

Android App No.3-Super Why!

Super Why! is yet another Android app that can be easily tailored availing professional specially designed for children with autism. With this app, the child can indulge in identifying letters with Alpha Pig, practice rhyming words with Wonder Red and trace letters with Princess Presto. Equipped with fill-in-the-blank games, the child gets an opportunity to develop his/her imaginative, handwriting, reading, language and vocabulary skills.

Android App No.4-Emotions and Feelings

Children with autism mainly have difficulty in recognizing emotions and facial expressions. Android’s Emotions and Feelings app utilizes a set of social stories and simple illustrations that reflect the individuality of feelings. This Android app comes handy during special education classrooms and speech therapy sessions held for autistic children.

Android App No.5-Pop Math(Lite)

Pop Math(Lite) is a customizable Android app which can be tailored with for autistic kids. This apps can be availed as per your desire and for this you just need to look for hire Android Programmers introduces these kids to basic addition associated with Mathematics. Once the child masters addition, he/she can upgrade to the full version of the app which enables him/her to learn subtraction, multiplication and division.

Wrapping Up

So that was a collection of 5 brilliant Android apps that play a crucial role in helping autistic patients perform tasks that appear impossible due to their disorder. Autistic population has an equal right to live a meaningful life and these Android apps are the tools that actually make this possible.